Testimonials – Wellness

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • A retired Naval Officer states: Perhaps we get sick because we don’t know how to stay well. My focus has been on seeking ways to stay well, and the Monroe Institute tapes have been a big part of my efforts. The H+ tapes work for me as a direct mind-to-body experience. Initially I used one or two tapes every day at the same time, but now I listen when I feel the need. The tapes are a support mechanism, playing a dominant training role in the beginning and a less frequent, but important, refresher role when one becomes familiar with the techniques. They play a significant part in my continuing state of overall well-being.
  • H+ Tune-Up has become my all-purpose health helper. For example, using the Function Command stops insect bites from itching, ends the first throbs of headache in the early stages, eases the symptoms of indigestion, eliminates the stinging of paper cuts. I don’t know why it works, but it sure does!
  • The Positive Immunity Program has been very powerful and effective for a variety of ailments. I had been plagued with a “swimmers ear” type of infection, used the FF-12 and Patterning concepts in the series, and saw dramatic results within 24 hours. I had also been taking prescription drugs for stomach pain and cramps for 3 years, and no longer use it, nor do I need the medication I had used for allergies. I attribute all of this to the Positive Immunity Program.
  • A psychologist reports using Lungs: Repair and Maintenance with excellent success with five asthmatic children and adults. One woman had been having difficulty climbing a short flight of stairs and was using her inhaler approximately six times per day. Within three weeks after starting to use the tape, she was swimming a third of a mile daily and using her inhaler only twice per week. This gain remained consistent over a one-year period.
  • For about four months I faithfully used a combination of the tapes called De-Discomfort, Energy Walk and Circulation. At this writing, all symptoms have virtually disappeared except for relatively minor discomfort when I indulge in coffee or chocolate.
  • A physician who suffers from Chrones disease reports: “I am very impressed and excited with the Positive Immunity Program. Although I hadn’t expected any improvement to occur so quickly, I have already experienced a reduction in cramping, diarrhea, and stress, and I feel in control of my illness for the first time. I have completed listening to the program twice, and during a long hospital stay, used it for reinforcement. The amount of pain medication needed was significantly reduced and I was able to maintain a remarkably positive attitude.”
  • For five years the edema in my left foot had failed to respond to treatment. When I first started using the H+ Circulation tape the swelling reduced almost immediately and now, after frequent use over the past three years, it seldom swells at all.
  • H+ Circulation relieved a life-long problem of unnaturally cold hands and feet, which meant that I had to sleep under a heavy weight of blankets. Within two months of using the tape this condition ceased to trouble me.
  • A patient whose hands always felt cold due to poor circulation used the H+ Circulation tape. A biofeedback machine indicated a very quick raise in temperature at a fingertip sensor from 32 to 37 degrees centigrade.
  • The Circulation tape helped a lot with diminishing deep bruising and reabsorbing the hematoma after a serious injury.
  • Because of poor circulation, I always felt colder than anybody else, and was especially bothered by icy hands and feet. Resonant Tuning gives me an increase in heat throughout my body, as well as a tremendous rush of energy.
  • I have been using H+ Immunizing to combat nasty flu-bugs to which I was exposed and began coming down with. I experienced one particularly bad flu, which knocked people out for 3-4 weeks with multiple ear/sinus/throat/chest/intestinal symptoms, as a series of very mild symptoms for about a week.
  • The H+ Circulation tape helped me with migraine headaches. I believe that by redistributing blood throughout the body in a balanced manner, it enables the engorged blood in the head to dissipate.
  • For years I had regular headaches as a result of a sinus problem caused by allergies. Since using H+ Tune-Up I haven’t had one. At worst, there has been some general sinus discomfort, but this hasn’t reached the level of pain. I have not used even an aspirin for pain since starting with Hemi-Sync.
  • I had suffered all my life with bouts of headaches which lasted days or weeks. I was in the midst of a severe bout when I received the Pain Control tape. I used it and got immediate results, and the relief enabled me to continue with an important project. Doctors, medication, and relaxation techniques had failed to help me, but the tape worked.
  • Since I started listening to Brain: Repair & Maintenance, my frequent headaches are history. I haven’t had one!
  • Epstein-Barr and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction has left me severely debilitated, very weak, and often in pain. I am finding the Pain Control tape very effective, and I feel a tremendous amount of energy surge through my body when I listen to Energy Walk.
  • H+ Lungs: Repair and Maintenance works well for people with AIDS-related pneumonia.
  • The following Hemi-Sync tapes were found to be the most beneficial by participants in a support group for HIV Positive patients: Circulation, Reset, Restorative Sleep, Tune-Up, Lungs: Repair and Maintenance , Off-Loading , and Let Go. Favorite Metamusic Artists selections for this group include Sleeping Through the Rain , Inner Journey , Cloudscapes, Prisms and Transformation.
  • Hemi-Sync tapes were part of an eight week (24-hour) seminar attended by eight HIV positive men. Among the results: all noted an overall improvement in sleep patterns; two with pain noted a total cessation of symptoms; two reported a substantial (200+) increase in T4 cell levels; all noted significant changes related to well-being and physical relaxation. There was a noticeable reduction of general anxiety and tension, increased permission to explore options for change, increase in commitment to improve the quality of their lives, increase in personal energy conveyed and enthusiasm expressed in body posture and general attitude.
  • Susan contracted the AIDS virus through a transfusion of contaminated blood during a routine surgical procedure five years ago. She is a person who has an open mind and helps herself, given the tools. She is using H+ Immunizing, Imprint, Energy Walk, The Visit, and Focus 10, and tells me that Hemi-Sync gives her necessary support to make her able to continue leading a normal life.
  • This 91-year-old patient with a profound hearing loss in the left ear and almost profound in the right ear, wears hearing aids. He listened very intently to the Prep side of H+ Circulation and repeated aloud everything that was being said on the tape.
  • I gave Sensory: Hearing to a colleague who suffered from episodes of ringing in his ear followed by intense headache. The diagnosis had been degenerative nerve disease. At this next episode, he listened to the tape five times over a three-day period — all the symptoms stopped and he hasn’t had another episode for three months now. He’s very grateful for the relief and also for the relaxation from Hemi-Sync tapes.
  • A Multiple Sclerosis patient reports: Restorative Sleep has been really helpful. Just giving the Function Command can start me yawning (usually I combine it with Tune-Up ). De-Tox: Body is another favorite. I focus on body, mind, spirit, and aura while doing the Command and really feel a clearing effect. Immunizing and De-Tox: Body helped me through a couple of colds. Symptoms didn’t seem as bad and they didn’t seem to last as long. Using the Functions may have kept MS symptoms from getting worse then, too. I also keep Contemplation “on board” — it makes me aware of what I do all the time. Generally, I use the Commands several times a day and precede whatever else I’m using with Relax.
  • The doctors of an eighty-year-old nun due for a cataract operation feared that the herpes infection in her eyes might flare up and perhaps lead to blindness. She insisted on going through with the operation, given added confidence through using H+ Sensory: Seeing. The operation was successful, with no complications. She continued with the tape afterwards and greatly surprised her doctor by the virtually total recovery of her vision.
  • A professional photographer told me that after moving into his 50s he found his vision becoming less and less sharp. I told him about H+ Sensory: Seeing, and got a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant as a Thank You. He now uses the function command before going out on assignment and during the assignment, and says that his sight is as good as it ever was.
  • The drug for cystic fibrosis that seven-year-old Danny has been taking since birth brings on diabetic symptoms and cysts on the lung. During one of his frequent hospital stays, unable to get enough air, he started gasping. The nurse played Lungs: Repair & Maintenance, left at the bedside by Danny’s mother. Her young patient began to breath more and more normally, settled back, and relaxed.
  • I play the Metamusic® Artist CDs for my brother-in-law who has Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. They’re wonderful. They relax him and also help him to speak a bit.
  • The patient was a 61-year-old woman admitted with severe emphysema, congestive heart failure, and depression, very anxious and struggling to breathe. Within 24 hours after I began using Deep 10 Relaxation with her the staff was reporting a significant reduction in her anxiety level.
  • My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, does not speak, and did not respond in any noticeable way to people who visited her. Since we started playing Metamusic tapes for her we seem able to read expressions on her face.
  • I took Sleeping Through the Rain with me to the hospital when I had an operation. I have always found it to be very soothing and relaxing and it stood me in good stead during hospital nights when I would wake up. It kept me relaxed and rested and I breezed through with no problems. Recuperation, Energy Walk, and Restorative Sleep are also favorites. The doctor said I healed so fast he couldn’t believe it. In fact, whenever I get a cold or am not feeling up to par, I get out these same tapes and put them to use.
  • A 55-year old woman improved her heart function and her general physical condition with the following H+ tapes used three times daily: Relax, Attention, Let Go, Off-Loading , De-Tox: Body, Circulation. The patient has been advised by her physician to keep up the Hemi-Sync and there is no need to return to medication. Patient is to have blood drawn in six months and monitor results. It is important to note here that this patient decided to forego any medication and used only Hemi-Sync technology to achieve excellent results under very stressful conditions.
  • I occasionally experience an unpleasant and sometimes frightening racing of my heartbeat. (My doctor has explained what this is and it is not something to worry about.) It feels as if a switch has been flipped. One minute, I’m fine; the next I feel a strong pounding in my chest and my heart seems to be racing top speed. It usually seems to occur when I’ve not gotten enough rest. Sometimes it is triggered by bending for something and coming up too fast. Other times, I can be reading for an hour–perfectly relaxed–and out of the blue the switch flips and I feel it.

    This particular time, I’d bent down for something and came up fast. As I did, I felt the sudden hard, fast pounding and could hear it (blood pounding) in my ears. It was so strong, I felt that I might pass out. I got to a chair and sat down. My husband was six feet away from me around the corner in the dining room, but I could not call him; the pounding was too hard, my breath too short. The feeling of passing out was still strong. I immediately thought of following H+ but then my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember the Heart Command. I knew I’d done other exercises that would help me (Circulation, following Tune-Up) but could not even recall their names, let alone their Commands. Finally, the only one that came to mind was Relax. I tried to take a deep breath but was only able to inhale one half. I then started to say, Plus-Relax, Relax. The moment I said “Plus” in my mind, the pounding heartbeat stopped. I was so surprised I forgot to say the rest. What was so surprising was the utter stillness and quiet that I felt in my whole system and the absolute certainty that the word “Plus” had triggered this instant change. The stillness and quiet was incredibly beautiful; like the utter stillness of deep contemplation.

    I was floating in this stillness and then, silly as this may sound, I mentally panicked and started checking my body for signs: couldn’t hear my heart beating, no movement, no breathing. Rational thought came to the rescue. If I’d stopped my heart with the “Plus,” would I still be sitting in the chair? I felt the cool glass of the table top under my arm; my eyes were definitely staring at the orange-brown tiles on the kitchen floor. And maybe I couldn’t hear breathing because I was still holding my breath. With this realization, I started to breath out and finish the Function Command. As I released my breath slowly, I said “relax.”

    The moment I said it, I felt a strong, single, pounding heartbeat in my chest and heard the beat `in’ my ears. I felt an inner flutter of hesitation, Was the pounding, racing beat going to return? I finished the Command, letting out my breath slowly and saying the final “Relax.” With that word, I felt the erratic, racing and pounding beat wash out of me in a single wave and felt this wave continue outward beyond me, out of the room, out of the house. I felt fine, as I had before this happened.

    Why Relax?? My doctor has said people do faint when this happens if they get too panicky. Her advice–RELAX! Sit down or lie down. And just RELAX! This kind of experience is usually a frightening one; one which the body controls and turns on. Now I can mentally regain control with Plus – Relax, Relax and rebalance my system. It will be a great help to the many others who also experience this not uncommon phenomenon.

  • I suffer from a heart condition which brings about sudden changes of blood pressure. There’s been a distinct difference since I started listening to H+ Circulation and Heart: Repairs & Maintenance — markedly fewer changes in pressure and, when there is a change, it’s more moderate.
  • I have Multiple Sclerosis, so there’s a lot of stuff going on with my body, unfortunately none of it good. I heard about your tapes on a TV program, how someone overcame all her pain with these tapes. I suffer chronic pain because of my M.S., among other symptoms. The next day I went to my local bookstore and purchased De-Discomfort. I have to admit my attitude was bad, but I thought, what the heck, what do I have to lose? That night I went through the Prep side twice and was amazed that I was feeling happy and relaxed, then I went on with the exercise. The next morning when I got out of bed, I still had all my M.S. symptoms, minus pain. I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t know how to act! For the first time in eight years I didn’t have pain!

    My next step was to get other tapes to help me with other symptoms. Sensory: Seeing for my sight, Brain: Repairs & Maintenance for my short-circuited brain, Recharge for chronic fatigue, Think Fast, again for my short-circuited brain, and Restorative Sleep for the healing of my body while I am asleep. For the last three weeks I have been suffering from an exacerbation, so the real test is here. For the last two weeks I have been using the tapes and all I can say is: this is the best attack I have ever had! When I feel really crummy I listen to Energy Walk. I sleep like a baby, and wake up feeling good. No more daily pain medication or tranquilizers for anxiety and numbness, because I now have another way to deal with my life as a person who has M.S.

  • My allergy symptoms are less severe since I started using the method taught on De-Tox: Body and Tune-Up tapes. In just a few minutes, I can enhance my body’s ability to discharge substances that normally cause a reaction. This is great, especially during the Spring and Fall allergy seasons.
  • I recently used the Time Out for Sleep CD track with the health affirmation during a bout with a cold/flu which every one at work suffered from for several days. I believe that Hemi-Sync shortened the peak symptoms to only two days, with a slightly longer period of productive recovery. The effects of the flu had subsided in less than a week for me, while others suffered for up to two weeks.
  • My husband has been taking medication to control the symptoms of his Parkinson’s disease for 15 years. As is usual with Parkinson’s, there has been a constant, slow deterioration in his functioning, and his symptoms are sometimes more and sometimes less severe. I recently learned about Hemi-Sync and bought the tape Brain: Repairs & Maintenance for him. At this point, he is not able to use the verbal cue by himself to activate the desired brain wave state, but I have been playing Side B in the bedroom at night. He looks forward to the tape, finds it very relaxing, and falls asleep quickly before the tape is finished. It seems to me that he is calmer and more aware since we’ve been using the tape.
  • I’ve used De-Tox to get rid of bothersome allergies which used to cause a constant runny nose in the Spring and Fall. The Tune-Up tape function command works well with both the De-Tox and the De-Discomfort commands to get rid of allergies, headaches, and head cold problems.
  • I recently slipped and fell while getting into my car on a rainy day. As a result of the accident, I incurred broken bones in my left hand and foot, and both were put in casts. Since the pain was quite intense, the orthopedic surgeon gave me prescriptions for pain killers, and recommended that I remain immobilized for up to five weeks. Because I had been a long time user of Hemi-Sync tapes, I knew my recovery would not be a problem. I listened to De-Discomfort and Pain Control to ease the pain and swelling, and only needed to take medication for two days. Energy Walk and Restorative Sleep lulled me into deep regenerative sleep states. I returned to work after only five days and my mobility and energy has been very good throughout the ordeal.
  • While traveling abroad, I contracted the flu so severely that it was difficult to get out of bed. Luckily, I had several Hemi-Sync tapes and my Walkman with me. After listening only once to Energy Walk, I woke up feeling energized and stronger. The sore throat, muscle pain, fever, and other symptoms decreased steadily over the next 24 hours, and by the following day I was almost completely recovered.
  • My mother has been in what the chronic care hospital calls a vegetative state since her stroke, and her caretakers had “given up” on her. I wasn’t ready to give up, and continued to believe that she was aware, even if she couldn’t speak or move. Since I’ve been playing Hemi-Sync tapes for her (from the Surgical Support Series), she seems more relaxed , calm, and peaceful. Now when I ask her a question, I tell her to blink twice to mean “yes”, and she is able to do it. The nurses are intrigued and will be trying Hemi-Sync with other patients.
  • Asthma has been a problem for me during most of my life. Since working with Lungs: Repairs & Maintenance, the attacks have lessened in number, and severity has decreased whenever I use the verbal cue of the tape. I’ve also noticed a gigantic improvement in my overall health.
  • I have used the tape called Immunizing several times this winter to combat nasty flu-bugs to which I was exposed and began coming down with. One particularly bad one which knocked people out for 3-4 weeks with multiple ear/sinus/throat/chest/intestinal symptoms, I experienced as a series of very mild symptoms for about a week.
  • For more than a year, I had much bladder discomfort due to tissue damage from previous infections. It is considered to be a medical “fact” that such damage does not repair, and people suffer the rest of their lives with irritation and pain, exacerbated by certain foods and liquids. In my case it was tomatoes, coffee, and chocolate, all containing serotonin which is excreted in the urine.
  • For about four months I faithfully used a combination of the tapes called De-Discomfort, Energy Walk and Circulation. At this writing, all symptoms have virtually disappeared except for relatively minor discomfort from coffee and chocolate.