Testimonials – Surgery

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “Hemi-Sync has played a major part in my life for the last four years or so. In the last two weeks I have again utilized another of Hemi-Sync’s many applications [Surgical Support Series], that is, in support of a totally new experience for me, spinal surgery. I put my Intra-op tape in ready for the surgery and waited. I declined the offer of pre-op medication as I new I didn’t need it, my experience told me that my pulse would be fine as soon as I got to listen to some uniterrupted Hemi-Sync during my surgery. My next recollection was waking to someone changing the tape in my Walkman and an oxygen mask over my face. On hearing the recovery tape I became fully alert in a matter of minutes. My oxygen mask was removed and I was soon enjoying an ice block to sooth my throat after the irritation of the oxygen tube. Next, I was offered morphine pain medication. To the nurse’s surpise I declined, I knew that I would be able to control it myself with the help of my tapes. The next surprise was one I had never considered. Having just had back surgery, I had assumed I would go back to the hospital ward on my stomach, how wrong I was!! I was asked to help the nurses roll me onto my back directly onto my wound, with the drain tube still in the wound.Back in the ward I was asked again if I wanted pain medication. I declined but asked if the nurse could change my tape for Recuperation. The ward was noisy with visitors. I found it hard to really focus on my pain relief and relax, but the tape allowed me to cope okay. The pity was that all the interruptions I was getting were not allowing Hemi-Sync to be as effective as I know it could be. But it still worked for me.The next morning I managed breakfast, with no feelings of nausea at all. After lunch I stood and walked the length of the ward, I was slow and stiff but the only ill effect was a little lightheadedness. I know very well that I had no need for any pain medication after this surgery. The anesthetist later confirmed that my need for anesthesia was at the very lower end of normal usage. Without controls to compare me to, he was unable to confirm that it was due to the tapes, as everyone is different. He did however concede they may have helped. Hemi-Sync has yet again show me how versatile and effective it is as a support tool to healing.”
    -Marty Gerken, Timaru, New Zealand
  • “I took the Surgical Support Series to the hospital this week for a toe amputation. I began Intra-Op in the waiting room and the gas-man seemed willing not to use the chemical pain killers unless I began to show signs of agony. Darlene put me into a quick trance and the nurse told me the doctor had begun to cut off my toe by waving her hands. I just mumbled how I was feeling balanced and equalized, as Darlene had just repeated that phrase. I actually felt the bone being cut but enjoyed the feeling as I was glad to be free of the infected toe. The operation was complicated and took over an hour to rearrange the skin flap to cover the wound. I was smiling and well into the second side of the tape before the bandaging was put on. The doctors said they never met a pleased patient during such an experience. I actually enjoyed the whole adventure, mostly to prove Hemi-Sync works so well.”
    -Art Forman, Clancy, MT
  • “My mother is a 74-year-old healthy female who finally consented to have a Mitral Valve replacement only because she could now have it done with minimal invasive surgery (a three-inch incision under the breast). Last minute the doctor decided against the minimal surgery due to calcification of the aorta. The doctor performed a sternotomy (mini sternotomy – a 7-inch incision down the breat bone), the surgery my mother always felt her heart ‘could never take.’ The surgery was remarkable and took less than 2 1/2 hours. She was in Surgical ICU by 1 p.m. By 7 p.m. she was extubated. The next morning she was up sitting in a chair by 6 a.m., concerned how she looked. Tylenol was the only pain medication she took during her hospital stay and I can count on one hand how many times she took it!I am a private nurse and from my observations I highly recommend these tapes [Surgical Support Series] and would use them myself. Number 1, the tapes calmed my mother for surgery. Number 2, I give these tapes credit for her lack of pain or perception of it. Number 3, her rate of recovery was remarkable even the doctors commented.”
    -Judith Mulroney, Milford, CT
  • I started using the Pre-op tape immediately after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I listened to it every night to help me go to sleep. It was the only way I could relax.

    The surgeon was very impressed with the Intra-op tape. The tape was not changed in the Recovery room until several hours later, and I was only given one small dose of pain medication. The surgeon and nurses said they have never seen anyone who had just had a mastectomy that did not require more medicine. I had full range of motion in my arm as well. The first few hours I was experiencing a lot of nausea when I would wake up. As soon as the tape was started again, the nausea went away. I was also able to come home much sooner than the doctors expected. Once I was home, I used the Recuperation tape daily to relax.”
    -Diane Purvis, Nellysford, Virginia

  • Thank you so much! The Surgical Support tapes made a huge difference in how fast my husband was able to recover.
    -Marlene McDowell, Sodus, NY
  • “The nurses said I had the vital signs of a high school kid upon waking and was alert as always. Instead of the minimum 4-day stay normally associated with open gallbladder surgery, my surgeon bemusedly let me go home after 24 hours. I had no pain medication after the first night.” [Surgical Support Series]
  • I recently used your Surgical Support Series with incredible results. When I checked in to the hospital for abdominal surgery I gave the floor nurses the Caregiver booklet, since they were going to be taking care of me. During my two days there they saw the results with their own eyes and became interested in testing the tapes with other patients. The anesthesiologist was skeptical, but humored me and changed the tapes as I went into surgery and later came out. I was awake as they wheeled me into the recovery room, talked with the nurses in there, and even spoke to friends by phone that afternoon. It was a total surprise to me and to them that I was awake, alert, and feeling up to it so soon after surgery. My nurses were amazed at how coherent I was and how little pain I experienced. After 36 hours I was completely off pain meds and had had no need to use any PCA (patient controlled analgesia). I used the post-surgery tapes for two weeks afterwards and believe they helped speed my recovery. The tapes helped me to feel comfortable without masking the pain.
  • Report from an MD on the use of the Surgical Support Series tapes: A hysterectomy patient required minimal self-administered analgesia the first day and virtually no medication on the second day. The nursing staff encouraged the patient not to be stoic and to use medication when she felt pain. However, the patient insisted she had little or no discomfort. She was discharged on the third day.

    Another patient, diagnosed with a ruptured disc, underwent a lumbar laminectomy. She reported very little need for pain medication after the procedure and was released from the hospital much sooner than expected. She was very pleased, as was the hospital staff, at her fast recovery rate.

  • The Department of Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital uses Hemi- Sync tapes in conjunction with other therapies to help patients heal more quickly and with less anxiety and pain. They recommend the Surgical Support tapes for use prior to and during a medical procedure and while in recovery. They recommend a variety of other Hemi-Sync tapes to foster healing and maintain optimal wellness in the hospital and at home.
  • My husband was diagnosed as being in Stage III of testicle cancer. Surgery would kill him, we were told. Chemo was the only hope and, even with that, his chances of survival would be 30%. Throughout four months of chemotherapy I watched him lose his hair, lose weight, be violently ill from the side effects.

    The mass was reduced in size, though still huge in terms of medical safety. His doctors advised surgery even though there was very high risk that his lungs were now too weakened by chemotherapy drugs to withstand anesthesia for a ten-hour operation. We started using the Surgical Support Series days before the surgery, and consulted (and educated) the anesthesiologist about using the tapes during the operation. The ten-hour operation took four hours. The surgeons were able to remove the tumor mass intact and no live cancer cells were found.

  • I was back home 48 hours after surgery (three days early!), active and energetic. I’d needed no pain medications, slept wonderfully, and was up and around as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Within a month I was back to full activity with the scar as the only physical reminder.
  • A Clinical Psychologist reported on a patient whose extreme anxiety was causing her to resist the surgery that would relieve her extensive pain from cervical nerve damage. After following his recommendations to listen to Metamusic tapes continuously at home, she agreed to undergo the surgery on condition that the neurosurgeon permit her to listen to Hemi-Sync throughout the operation. The doctor complied, and she underwent the procedure without difficulty.
  • I introduced Hemi-Sync to my brother, who has had two coronary bypass surgeries and a very serious aneurism repaired. He swears he could not have made it through without Human Plus functions and the Surgical Support tapes.
  • My use of the first three tapes in the Surgical Support Series before, during, and immediately after my surgery enveloped me in a kind of “comfort cocoon.” Pre-Op helped me relax and get in the right mood. I woke up briefly in the midst of the procedure and the Intra-Op tape helped me re-enter my secure, sheltered, paincfree space easily. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking without moving out of that wonderful Hemi-Sync state.
  • In the days before I went into the hospital, the Surgical Support tapes helped me relax and get in the right mood. During the operation I was in a beautiful Hemi-Sync awake state, could hear the doctors and nurses talking but felt wonderful — no pain.
  • I listened to the Pre-Op tape for a week before the removal of a fifteen pound abdominal tumor, and used other Hemi-Sync tapes instead of pain medication after the surgery. My recovery was remarkably quick. I went home two days later, instead of the week that had been expected, and was excited about getting up to walk again.
  • For the first surgery I wanted to use the Surgical Support Series tapes, but the hospital staff didn’t take me seriously. I was in the hospital for six days with numerous infections and it was eight weeks before I was without pain.

    Prior to the second surgery, my doctor agreed to listen to the tapes, and began to understand what I was trying to accomplish. This time everyone was on my side. The difference was drastic. When I woke up in recovery, I was completely awake and alert. I felt fine, they were able to remove the IV and give medication by mouth. I had a great appetite and no infections, and was able to go home in three days.

  • I was told that only a minimal amount of anesthetic was required to keep me sedated during the surgery. My vital signs were strong and I was relaxed and calm throughout the entire operation. The following day I was alert and energetic. Much to the consternation of the nursing staff I did not require anything for pain, because I had no pain. I resumed normal activity within three weeks, which is months sooner that with my two previous surgeries.
  • I sent the Surgical Support Series air express to a friend who needed emergency spinal surgery. She used the tapes as recommended, and is going on a 33 day tour of Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand just fourteen days after the spinal surgery. I should tell you she will be seventy this year. She was absolutely thrilled with her recovery, as she had to be hospitalized for months at a time for several prior spinal surgeries.
  • On the morning after my surgery the nurse said, “This room is different from all the other rooms in my care. There is such calm and peacefulness here. This room is a sanctuary. I was plugged into one of my Surgical Support Series tapes. Not only were the tapes a splendid support system throughout, but they also obliterated intrusive sounds of hospital clatter.
  • I found the Pre-Op tape unbelievably soothing. The night before surgery I found it hard to sleep – I was anxious and the persistent, intermittent sound of the foghorn on Lake Michigan bothered me. “I hope the tape will knock out the foghorn sound,” I thought as I put the Walkman on. It didn’t, but it made me feel so good and so relaxed that I wasn’t bothered by the foghorn anymore. After the surgery I realized that the tape did the same thing with pain and discomfort – it was still there but it didn’t bother me, just as the tape said.”
  • Thanks to the Surgical Support Series, the patient was very calm before entering the OR for gall bladder surgery, and needed less muscle relaxant than normal during the procedure. In the recovery room she was the only quiet one: she awoke as if from a nap, very calm with no agitation or nausea. She had less than average pain medication in the recovery room and required none for the rest of her hospitalization. Her stay was reduced to 3 days (national average 7-10 days)
  • Initially, I did not trust the quality of the Surgical Support Series, despite what I had read and heard. I told the doctors and nurses to observe me using the tapes. If they worked, fine, but if not, I wanted my codeine immediately. Though the surgery lasted four and a half hours, I never needed any pain medication afterwards and had minimal bruising and swelling. The Pre-Op tape gave me intense calmness, with lowered blood pressure and temperature before surgery, instead of my former experiences of queasiness and uncontrollable shaking. By the next surgery [five hours] I used the tapes and sailed through. I was nervous about pain, but repeated “55515” and erased all pain signals. For my final surgery, the confusion of getting ready for the operating room washed over me without effect due to the strong inner calm from the Pre-Op tape. The surgery seemed to last a fraction of a minute, although I later found it had been five hours.

    The H+ series enriched my recovery. I found less need for the Pain Control tape if I went to sleep with H+ Restorative Sleep . I alternated H+ Circulation, and Tune-Up for naps.

  • Two previous surgeries had caused weight loss, hypoglycemic episodes, and had added to her feelings of losing inner control. She decided to use the Surgical Support Series, gained the support of her surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nursing team, and negotiated to have a local surgical intervention rather than general anesthesia. After the procedure she experienced significantly less pain and used no pain medication for the first six hours. In the recovery room she ate heartily without experiencing nausea or vomiting, did not have cyclic constipation during her post-op days, and experienced no weight loss. At the first dressing change, her surgeon remarked about how clean and clear her suture line looked.
  • Report from a surgeon. The patient was scheduled for a second stage reconstruction after a right modified radical mastectomy. She was given the Surgical Support Series and used them according to instructions. Except for 50cc of Xylocaine with epinephrine for local anesthesia, she required no intravenous sedation or pain medications pre-, intra-, or postoperatively. The patient reported that she needed no pain medications during her recovery at home.
  • An anesthesiologist who uses the Surgical Support Series tapes with patients reported on two radical mastectomies in which the tapes were “supportive in allaying the patients’ anxieties before surgery to the point where both went to sleep without medication only minutes before surgery.
  • Report from an anesthesiologist. In preparation for a second back surgery, the patient discussed the Surgical Support Series tapes with me, and told me he wanted to use as little medication as possible. He seemed quite relaxed about the upcoming surgery, and we agreed that I would not order any premedication for him. He arrived in the “holding area” calm and listening to his tape. I started his intravenous and gave him a small amount of Valium (5mg) and Fentanyl (1cc). The surgery was uneventful. He required less than the usual amount of anesthesia, and lost minimal blood. He awakened immediately in the recovery room, used the Recovery tape, and required no pain medication. He required no post-operative pain medication during his hospital stay and was discharged on the fourth post-operative day.

    In contrast, the hospital records of his first back surgery showed he was medicated twice in the recovery room, required more narcotic after he returned to his room, and continued to need this for the next four days. He had significant blood loss in surgery, developed a post-operative hematoma accompanied by a fever of several days duration, and was not discharged until the ninth post-operative day.

    While it is not necessarily valid to compare the two experiences, the patient and surgeon were the same, the operations were similar and for the same problem, and the basic anesthetic techniques and agents were the same. Even on a non-comparative basis, the patient’s entire perioperative course the second time was exemplary.

  • I have found the use of the Surgical Support Series very helpful to patients undergoing major surgery, such as bilateral knee replacement. There has been a significant reduction in the use of anesthesia and narcotic medications for pain, as well as a more rapid, uncomplicated, and less painful recovery phase.
  • A friend recently had a mastectomy of the left breast following a diagnosis of breast cancer. She had been very anxious about the surgery, with only a week to prepare herself for the operation. During that week she used the Pre-Op tape numerous times and reported that it reduced her anxiety level significantly. She told me that it was unbelievable that she could actually sleep the night before the surgery. The operation was on Monday morning, and she was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Two weeks later, her chest began filling with fluid and a new drain had to be inserted. The drain clogged up, and she was in considerable pain. She used the Energy Walk tape and reported that one half hour following the tape, the drain “unclogged itself,” and remained open. If pain awakened her in the middle of the night, she reported going quickly back to sleep while playing Sleeping Through the Rain .
  • Summaries from reports of patients who have used the Surgical Support Series and Metamusic tapes for recovery from,surgery:

    a) Male, age 73: prostate surgery: This client was in good health at time of his surgery, which wasmperformed at UCLA Medical Center. The head anesthesiologist agreed to allow the Intra-Op tape from the Surgical Support Series to be listened to with headphones during the operation. The patient was walking and alert the morning after surgery. He reported that the physicians and nurses expressed amazement with the pace of his recovery. He was released on the third day postoperatively and continued to enjoy a rapid recuperation. His most significant comment was “I never experienced pain . . . not once!”

    b) Female, age 39: abdominal hysterectomy: This patient was a diabetic weighing approximately 250 pounds. She did not use Hemi-Sync intraoperatively but did use other tapes frequently pre- and postoperatively. The patient reported that the Hemi-Sync tapes were far more effective than Percodan® for pain management. Although the surgery was difficult, the patient said she knew intuitively that she was healing quickly, and stated that she felt so good the day after she returned home from the hospital that she actually walked through the park while listening to Energy Walk from the Surgical Support Series.

    c) Female, age 45: hysterectomy: The anesthesiologist assisted with the use of Intra-Op by turning the tape over at the end of each side. The patient began using the Pre-Op tape seven days before her surgery. She had not been exposed to Hemi-Sync before this occasion and mentioned that she “had to get used to it.” Adjusting to the new experience, she soon reported that the tapes became her “security blanket.” After being transported to the recovery room following surgery, the Recovery tape was placed in her cassette player. She reported that she woke up quickly in the recovery room feeling very alert and was pleased, once again, to be aware of the calm, soothing voice on the tape. She reached the point where simply thinking of the voice stimulated instant relaxation. The patient’s most significant comment was “I have no doubt that the tapes have helped speed my recovery. When I need rest, it is easy to fall asleep. I feel very positive about getting well and about the whole healing process.”

  • The Surgical Support Series tapes were a tremendous help. I needed very little medication – in fact, the nurses kept checking to see if my self-medicating apparatus was working. It was! The last two tapes were great for sleeping at night. I didn’t need sleeping pills.
  • My experience with the tapes was kind of strange. I did all the preparation with them, and the Doctor and recovery room nurse agreed to help. I came to in the recovery room wide awake and was back in my room very shortly entertaining a guest who didn’t realize I had just come back from surgery because I was so wide awake. My recovery was uneventful and fairly pain-free and I am doing beautifully.
  • I tell everyone about the Surgical Support Series, and keep the tapes as a lending library. My best friend’s delivery was much easier and more comfortable, my father was back in his room “in record time” after quintuple heart bypass surgery, and Michael’s hip replacement was significantly less painful and his recovery almost twice as fast as the first time he’d had it done. In all cases, recovery has been rapid and relatively comfortable.
  • Because of my preparation with Hemi-Sync prior to entering the hospital, I was particularly serene and did not suffer any anxiety at all. During the 3 1/2 hour of surgery no blood transfusion was required and Hematocrit the next day was normal. The lab re-performed the blood test and rechecked the results to confirm this excellent reading. I changed the Function Command for the H+ Tune-Up tape to “Plus, balance, heal blood pressure” to bring my blood pressure down quickly. My body has an absolutely lovely response to it.
  • I was particularly serene anticipating the surgery, and did not experience any anxiety. There was absolutely no surgical pain at any time, a fact which I attribute to the Hemi-Sync tapes with which I had prepared myself in advance, and which were used prior and after surgery. (Surgical Support Series and a number of Human Plus tapes: Restorative Sleep, Circulation, De-Discomfort).
  • A patient who had hip replacement surgery reports: I started listening to the tapes two days before my surgery, and the had a very calming influence. The doctor had taken me off pain medication and I was having trouble sleeping. Energy Walk enabled me to get a good night’s sleep. I listened to Pre-Op in the hospital before surgery and I felt very good about the whole thing. I remember someone saying, “It didn’t take much to put her to sleep.” As soon as I came out of recovery I started listening to Post-Op, continued every day, and really felt wonderful. My first time up I had no pain and I did exercises without discomfort.

    I went from the hospital to a rehab facility where, after a few days of doing fine, I ran out of batteries. While waiting for someone to bring me new batteries I started having severe cramps in my leg. The cramps stopped when I got new batteries and started listening to the tapes again.

    Preparing to go home after a week of rehab, I was told that a nurse, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist would visit me at home to evaluate my condition and provide help. Each one told me on their first visit that I was doing so well on my own I would need no further help from them.

  • An orthopedic surgeon reports that he uses Hemi-Sync tapes in his surgical practice and at an institute for pain and stress management. He recommends that patients use the Surgical Support Series to encourage relaxation in the operating room, and to promote healing in the recovery room afterward. He finds the tapes valuable during surgery because he believes patients are aware of what is going on even under anesthesia.

    At the pain and stress management institute, Hemi-Sync tapes are broadcast over the public address system throughout the center and in the waiting room. Different tapes are used to achieve desired effects from encouraging relaxation to enhancing concentration and cognitive function.

    The doctor reports: “Anyone who has undergone major surgery, [with] the tapes found a significant reduction in the pain experienced afterward. The audio signals helped reduce the constant psychological turmoil that people go through.”

  • A large mass was discovered in my breast. Surgery was scheduled and general anesthesia was ordered. During the surgery, I used the verbal cue of the Relax tape and my feelings of panic were immediately washed away. After the surgery was completed, I went to the recovery room awake, alert, and feeling great. After only twenty minutes, I was moved to a unit for two hours of observation. Thirty minutes later I was told I could go home. Using my Metamusic CD at work and my DEC tape at home, I never needed to take a pain pill. The 2-1/2 inch incision healed in record time. I feel so lucky to be a registered nurse who understands physical needs, and to know that Hemi-Sync is available to complement traditional medicine for those who seek it.