Testimonials – Pregnancy/Childbirth

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “I was introduced to the Hemi-Sync meditation by my friend. She and a group of friends gave me the Pregnancy and Childbirth tapes. They were amazing. My experience was amazing. Johanna is my fourth child and my other childbirth experiences cannot compare. After working with your tapes during the last four months of my pregnancy, I was able to completely slip into a calm and meditative state where I was aware of the pain but understood that it was good. The labor took 20 minutes, the pushing portion 12 minutes. I was calm, in control and it was beautiful. She is a magnificent child – very aware, and sensitive. I cannot help but believe that my use of the Hemi-Sync tapes has something to do with it.”
    -Anne Swanson, Knoxville, TN
  • Her previous pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage after seven months. This time, when the spotting and signs of premature labor began, the doctor ordered total bed rest. “Someone gave me Opening the Way and I was so bored in bed I listened to tape after tape for hours every day. I soaked myself in Hemi-Sync.” In 10 days the doctor declared her out-of-the-woods and she went back to work part time. “I’m happy to be back at work except that it means I have less time to listen to Hemi-Sync.”
  • I love the tapes in Opening the Way, especially the labor tapes. I haven’t gone into labor yet, but I listen to them anyway. I can’t wait to use them in the delivery room.
  • I received Opening the Way only three weeks before my baby was born, and didn’t have as much time to “practice” with the tapes as I would have liked. No drugs were necessary until I was fully dilated, and I believe that with more exposure to these tapes I may have a delivery without drugs next time. I have never felt so relaxed and rejuvenated as I do after listening to these tapes. I use the nursing/post- partum tapes frequently while breastfeeding my baby. Milk is plentiful, there’s no pain or discomfort at all, no encouragement problems, no difficulties of any kind.
  • A pregnant friend was having an extremely rough time with nausea and vomiting. She was hospitalized five times for dehydration in the eighteen weeks of her pregnancy and spent one month in bed. After learning about this, I sent her Surf and Tune-Up by priority mail. She started using the tapes and began to be able to retain lunch and dinner. She’s feeling much better, the nausea is minimal, she’s able to enjoy food again, and has not been hospitalized since receiving the tapes. That may not sound like a big deal to most people, but to her it is definitely a miracle.
  • An RN and Senior Midwife reports on her use of Hemi-Sync in the delivery room. Midsummer Night and other Metamusic tapes have been very helpful in all cases, and at least two of my patients have been enraptured. With one patient, I had to stop playing the tapes because it put her husband to sleep!

    Another patient said, as the sounds drifted over, “Oh, what beautiful music!” I played two tapes throughout her labor, which was fairly short, but turned the music off for the second stage as it didn’t seem to blend with the activity of delivery. She needed an episiotomy and was dreading the suturing. I turned on a Metamusic tape, and she laid back, completely relaxed, while I did the stitching. I might add that I felt the benefits of the soothing sounds also!

  • During the second month I began to experience terrible nausea. I couldn’t keep any food in my body and I lost a lot of weight. I listened often to the Surf and Cloudscapes tapes to assist my movement into a deep state of relaxation. The hours with Hemi-Sync were often the only times I felt some peace and confidence. During those deep moments with the tapes I felt my connection with the baby to be very strong.

    After about eight weeks the difficulties were over and I recovered very quickly. I then investigated and began using your verbally guided tapes. Tune-Up enhanced my physical well-being, and I added Relax, Let Go, Immunizing, and Circulation. I felt really wonderful during the last six months of my pregnancy, with no heaviness or slowness. Until the last moment I was very active, running around, working in our vegetable garden, just loving my big belly and never feeling handicapped by it.

    After a marvelous Christmas dinner the contractions began and I started “resonant tuning” [a type of sustained vocalizing or chanting] during each wave. It was as if the tones were carrying me through the contractions, opening me up without tension or pain, and giving me energy. I was able to stay in the rhythm and the natural flow of my body. I listened to the Surf tape in the background over open speakers and felt just great until nearly the end. My body recovered immediately. Although I was nursing, three months after Raphael’s birth I had all the energy I needed to function normally. I attribute this to the assistance of the Hemi-Sync process!

  • In the first three months of pregnancy, it is important that women be assisted in becoming accustomed to the physical changes taking place within their bodies. These changes can occur more smoothly and easily if the woman is able to relax into them, with little or no resistance. Later in the pregnancy, after the initial physical adjustments have been made, the mother can attempt to contact her child non-verbally, using deeper states of relaxation to facilitate the contact. Also, the patterning techniques in the Gateway Experienceexercises can be used to visualize and affirm the best outcome for the pregnancy. The verbally guided tapes are excellent for overcoming physical problems, staying fit, and releasing emotional tensions.
  • It is best if, during the birth process, tapes can be played in the delivery room. If the mother chooses those Hemi-Sync tapes that she especially likes, the ones that really helped her to relax during the pregnancy, her body will remember when hearing the sounds and will allow her to let go more easily.
  • I’m so glad I took Surf and Cloudscapes to the hospital with me when I went in for the birth of my child. I couldn’t have made it through such a trying labor without them. It was amazing how they set a mood of quiet and peacefulness in the room. Everyone who entered respected the very special atmosphere they created. The halls and other rooms were noisy and bustling, but the nurses and doctors tried extra hard to calm down when they came into my room. The tapes also helped my husband, mother, and sister relax enough to catch some sleep so they could be rested coaches for me. Hemi-Sync is great to keep a calm atmosphere now that we’re home, too.
  • My sister had a miscarriage last summer in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Although she and her husband were traumatized by this, they managed to get through the tough times and committed to try again.

    Last week I received the wonderful news that she was able to become pregnant again, however, she is considered to be a “high-risk” case. Even though she has a very supportive family and medical doctor, she had been unable to sleep, and was full of anxiety and fear this time.

    I really wanted to do something special for her, and decided to send her the series for pregnancy, Opening The Way. Within the last month, after using just the first and second tapes she has had remarkable results with reducing anxiety, and is now sleeping very well most nights. A sense of joy and confidence has replaced her fear. Since she shares her progress with me weekly, I am also gifted with the feeling of a greater connection to her during this special time in her life.

  • A good friend of mine is pregnant, and she was having an extremely rough time with nausea and vomiting. She had been hospitalized five times for dehydration in the eighteen weeks of her pregnancy, and had also been bedridden for one month. I consulted the TMI catalog, and found several tapes that I thought might help, and decided to send Surf and Tune Up. I was pleased to receive a note from her, telling me she had been using the tapes, and was feeling much better. She had been able to eat and retain lunch and dinner several times in that first week. I spoke to her recently, and she sounded wonderful. The nausea is minimal, she is able to enjoy food again, and has not been hospitalized since she began using the Hemi-Sync tapes.
  • I listened to the Labor and Pushing tapes from Opening The Way during the delivery of my child. They were an excellent source of support for relaxation and encouragement during the birthing process. I found it easier to handle my contractions, and I am pleased to say that I did not need to use any drugs until I was fully dilated. Since the birth, I’ve been using the Postpartum Well-Being, and Nursing Baby tapes while breast feeding my baby. I’ve had no difficulty with this at all, no pain or discomfort, have a plentiful supply of milk, and the tapes really enhance my enjoyment of this most precious time with my little one.
  • A Midwife who teaches homebirth classes introduces her clients to the Opening The Way pregnancy series. She reports that clients reaching a deeply relaxed state while listening to the tapes, and most are anxious to explore the further use of Hemi-Sync for additional benefits and most are anxious to explore the use of Hemi-Sync for benefits during the different stages of pregnancy.

    One woman had experienced an elevation in blood pressure during the last part of her pregnancy and was put on strict bed rest. At her request, I sent several tapes home with her, and at the next class she stated that her blood pressure had remained at normal levels after she used the tapes. When it was time for the birth, she played the Labor tape, and after about three really strong contractions, pushed for five minutes and the baby was born! This couple has expressed deep gratitude for the extra support they received from Opening The Way.

  • I value the Opening The Way series very much, especially the Midwife’s comments on the first tape. Her insights are interesting, eye opening, and comforting. I experienced a sense of being welcomed into a much deeper level of intimacy with a part of pregnancy that I had not thought of before. I also feel more confident, and empowered, and this has automatically enabled me to feel closer to my baby. My worry about being a good mother after birth has decreased and I am much more comfortable with the entire process.