Testimonials – Personal Development

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • I’d been leading retreats for ex-addicts for a long time before I learned about Hemi-Sync and decided to play Metamusic for my participants. I was extremely impressed by the overall effect of the tape, calming and soothing the whole group. But what happened with one young woman, who had been addicted to heroin, was a revelation. During the first moments of the tape she sat holding her head with an expression on her face as if she was in pain. As I watched, the strained expression disappeared and she went through a total transformation right in front of my eyes. Needless to say, I’m going to continue using Hemi-Sync.
  • Each time I settle down to enjoy one of your musical Hemi-Sync tapes I know it will be rewarding but I’m unable to predict how. Sometimes I achieve insight into situations that have been bothering me. Sometimes I receive information that seems to come from some source outside of me. Occasionally I drift into a lucid dream, or simply enjoy badly needed, profound relaxation. Thanks for the exciting adventures!
  • That Mobius West tape is a great tool. I use the verbal cue to create just about anything and it really works. Often I create a mental picture that represents what I want to program for, and then I think of the picture while I say the cue. I like the whole Human Plus system in general, but this is one of my favorites.
  • Everyone in the workshop I gave loved Opening the Heart. The tapes connected them to their higher selves/sources, and one person felt himself levitating — very powerful. I also use these tapes in teaching yoga. Students find it very relaxing and calming, and enjoy having a woman’s voice on the tape.
  • My relative found herself in yet another abusive relationship. After hearing from me about Hemi-Sync, she began listening to Remembrance during the day as she worked, and liked it very much. When she asked for a tape to help her sleep better, I gave her Deep 10 Relaxation. She listened to it all night for several months and, as the relationship was coming to its inevitable end, she would wake to find her cassette player unplugged. He evidently felt threatened by the changes in her, which he attributed to Hemi-Sync. A subtle realignment seemed to be taking place within her, and she was becoming clearer about herself and her goals.
  • As a psychotherapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I have spent the majority of my life studying the science of the mind and how best to help people. I have a number of hypnosis tapes, but they do not have your Hemi-Sync technology. I’ve found your tapes to be truly magnificent.
  • I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to go inside with the cassettes and slowly find my way; to ask my Higher Power for direction and help and find it through inner guidance. I am learning more about balance. Huge bags of anger, revenge, hatred and resentments are slowly letting go. I am no longer afraid of getting stuck in a slow, downward spiral. All of this has happened in such a short while of using Hemi-Sync tapes; from no hope to hope. Each day I am making forward steps, while before the tapes I had given up. (Tapes used: Going Home, Sleeping Through the Rain, Cloudscapes, Super Sleep.)
  • As an artist and writer, I’ve found that your Gateway Experience series has enhanced my creativity enormously. I’ve been feeling more centered, have more energy for my work. Everything just flows, and I write much more easily.
  • At first I didn’t know what to expect from De-Hab and Eight Great. I thought I’d find ready-made solutions to all my problems. With passing time, as I learned to use the verbal cues, I understood that greater self-knowledge and improving access to intuition were what I had been looking for. For example, I had been asking myself whether to encourage my husband to take a certain action; the longer I went without an answer to the question, the more my anxiety about the situation increased. Immediately after using the verbal cue the first time, I felt calm and at ease. I gained some distance from the situation and understood that I could leave it alone to work itself out.
  • I’ve been listening to the Concentration tape for a few weeks, and find I am able to focus more on tasks and follow through with them. These have included paperwork, writing an important letter and having the words flow, and finishing a project that has been dragging on for months. What a great feeling! It gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Wake/Know and Let Go helped me deal with the issue of what kind of work I should be doing. My experiences with the tapes led me to realize how much I depended on appreciation from outside myself. Uncertainty about whether my job performance would satisfy others made me rush through tasks so I could end the stress of waiting for appreciation. I received no satisfaction from anything I did until awareness of this pattern led me to observe myself at work. I stopped rushing and began to enjoy even trivial occupations, like washing dishes. As a result, I knew I could consider doing the kind of jobs I had done before, but with interest and self-appreciation.
  • As I look back after working with Gateway Experiencefor a few months, I note that my professional efforts are achieving better results than ever before; there is more harmony and calm in my home life; I have greater self-control and better perspective on events; and I have realistic dreams in color and with full awareness.
  • In my search for self-knowledge, I’ve studied transcendental meditation, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and just about every other means available. My experiences with Focus 10 have been awesome! I’m certainly looking forward to the rest of the Gateway Experience course.
  • Since working with Eight Great and Sweet Dreams, my mental processes have become clearer and brighter. I conduct business with clients with unusual calm and confidence, deal with conflict gently, and people seem far more friendly to me than ever before.
  • I always had trouble in school while I was growing up, and dropped out before high school, grade eight, to be exact. All my life this bothered me. I felt like a big failure. I decided to go back to school around the time someone told me about your tapes. I truly believe that if it weren’t for Hemi-Sync I would never have done as well. I would use Imprint before I started to study. First thing in the morning I’d listen to Concentration and use either Attention or Think Fast. Then I’d go to school and write the test or exam. Not only did I do extremely well, but throughout the entire year I was the best student in all my classes, and never got more than one or two answers wrong. This to me has been a great accomplishment. I also use Synchronizing, De-Hab,Mobius West, Wake/Know and Deep 10 Relaxation. Thank you for the great help these tapes have been for me.