Testimonials – Pain Management

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “I was able to control the pain from a torn leg muscle after an accident so immediately after playing your tape [Pain Control] that it seemed like a miracle.”
    -Monique Michrowski
  • “Hemi-Sync has played a major part in my life for the last four years or so. In the last two weeks I have again utilized another of Hemi-Sync’s many applications [Surgical Support Series], that is, in support of a totally new experience for me, spinal surgery. I put my Intra-op tape in ready for the surgery and waited. I declined the offer of pre-op medication as I new I didn’t need it, my experience told me that my pulse would be fine as soon as I got to listen to some uniterrupted Hemi-Sync during my surgery. My next recollection was waking to someone changing the tape in my Walkman and an oxygen mask over my face. On hearing the recovery tape I became fully alert in a matter of minutes. My oxygen mask was removed and I was soon enjoying an ice block to sooth my throat after the irritation of the oxygen tube. Next, I was offered morphine pain medication. To the nurse’s surpise I declined, I knew that I would be able to control it myself with the help of my tapes. The next surprise was one I had never considered. Having just had back surgery, I had assumed I would go back to the hospital ward on my stomach, how wrong I was!! I was asked to help the nurses roll me onto my back directly onto my wound, with the drain tube still in the wound.Back in the ward I was asked again if I wanted pain medication. I declined but asked if the nurse could change my tape for Recuperation. (Recuperation is the same as the single title Pain Control) The ward was noisy with visitors. I found it hard to really focus on my pain relief and relax, but the tape allowed me to cope okay. The pity was that all the interruptions I was getting were not allowing Hemi-Sync to be as effective as I know it could be. But it still worked for me.The next morning I managed breakfast, with no feelings of nausea at all. After lunch I stood and walked the length of the ward, I was slow and stiff but the only ill effect was a little lightheadedness. I know very well that I had no need for any pain medication after this surgery. The anesthetist later confirmed that my need for anesthesia was at the very lower end of normal usage. Without controls to compare me to, he was unable to confirm that it was due to the tapes, as everyone is different. He did however concede they may have helped. Hemi-Sync has yet again show me how versatile and effective it is as a support tool to healing.”
    -Marty Gerken, Timaru, New Zealand
  • One patient at my pain control clinic was very resistant to the concept of Hemi-Sync tapes, but agreed to listen to them as directed. She admitted that, although she thought it sounded like “crazy stuff,” the tapes helped her to get pain relief and to relax. After her treatment was over, she purchased several tapes for herself. At follow-up visits she told me that at the end of a stressful day, she listens to a tape and has been able to prevent her back from hurting.
  • The Department of Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital uses Hemi-Sync tapes in conjunction with other therapies to help patients heal more quickly and with less anxiety and pain. They recommend the Surgical Support tapes for use prior to and during a medical procedure and while in recovery. They recommend a variety of other Hemi-Sync tapes to foster healing and maintain optimal wellness in the hospital and at home.
  • The scheduled doses of morphine were no longer controlling the pain of his terminal cancer. When the doctor started continual morphine drips, it was hard to know if he was sleeping or not because even when awake, he wasn’t really here. His wife played the Pain Control tape and he very soon fell into a deep sleep with his abdomen breathing rhythmically. In the morning he was much more alert and asked for more tapes. Energy Walk was his favorite. The following day he was even more alert and asked the doctor to remove the morphine drips. He passed away peacefully this morning.
  • A patient with myofacial pain and dysfunction was able to lower tension in a band across her forehead almost instantaneously after learning the Function Command for H+ DeDiscomfort by listening to the tape twice. With electrodes placed on her forehead and connected to an ORION biofeedback system, the reading immediately dropped from 6 mv to 3 mv when using the Plus-55515 command.
  • A patient with chronic pain from a neck injury and nerve root entrapment listened to DeDiscomfort and Circulation two times each. The biofeedback system showed electrical activity in the forehead dropping from 3.4 mv to 1.2 mv using the pain control command.
  • Report from psychologist. The patient’s cancer continues to spread and he has been in considerable pain. He had been taking large amounts of medication: 125 mg of Tegretol three times a day, 12-15 cc a day of Dilantin, Darvocet every four hours, and Zantec. He had also been taking 11cc of Methadone four times a day and this was recently changed to morphine. Despite all the medication, his pain was poorly controlled.

    I introduced him to the Hemi-Sync Pain Control tape to use at home, and he finds it helps reduce pain between medications. After only four sessions, he is now seeing me on an “as needed” basis. The Pain Control tape has furnished the backbone of his treatment program.

  • Report from an MD who operates a pain-control clinic: A local dentist refers patients to me for assistance with dental analgesia. It consists of giving the patient the Pre-Op tape from the Surgical Support Series to listen to daily for one week prior to the procedure. During the dental procedure, the Intra-Op tape is played. I have treated three patients to date using this procedure.

    The first had tremendous fear of dental pain and didn’t want injectable analgesia. She needed both an inlay and a crown, both considered to be extremely uncomfortable procedures. She experienced no pain and felt totally relaxed and happy during and afterwards.

    The second patient had a previous negative experience in the dental chair with an acute hypertensive episode accompanied by agitation requiring paramedic assistance. It was unclear whether the episode stemmed from extreme fear and anxiety, or was a reaction to the local anesthetic. Regardless, it was evident an alternative was needed. She was to have some very extensive work. A three-unit bridge and inlay, and a four-unit bridge were all to be accomplished during two separate visits. During both visits, the same treatment with Hemi-Sync was used. The patient had one area in her right anterior mandible which remained a bit sensitive, but she endured on both visits with minimal discomfort and no agitation. She noted that the tape helped her to feel at ease and detached from discomfort.

    The third patient was a very environmentally sensitive woman who could not tolerate drugs or anesthesia of any kind and needed several fillings. She, too, did well and had minimal to no discomfort during her procedure.

  • My friend had a severe allergic reaction to morphine while she was in the hospital and was suddenly aware that her heart was pounding to the point of bursting; her whole body was a mass of pain and was convulsing uncontrollably. She felt total terror and knew she was dying. She heard someone say, “We’ve sent for her family.” Then the function command 55515 (the cue learned on the Pain Control tape) popped into her head, and the convulsions stopped and the pain and fear disappeared. After her second mental repetition, she heard someone say, “We have a pulse.” Her next awareness was that all the people who had been hovering over her were gone and she was alone and in total peace. Within an hour of the reaction, she was fully awake, pain free, and able to talk to her children. She says that since that experience she feels totally accepting of death, and even more remarkably, she’s able to be in the midst of family turmoil and, for the most part, remain serene. She continues to listen to tapes several hours a day, and although her medical prognosis is not good, she’s actually enjoying her life.
  • Report from a dentist. Patient A requested a local anesthetic in conjunction with the treatment. I played the Pre-Op tape from the Surgical Support Series for him. He commented, “That’s pretty good, Doc. I only felt a little pain, not bad, mind you. I’ll be back.”

    At a second visit, the patient again requested local anesthetic. After the procedure he stated, “Didn’t feel a thing, Doc. That stuff’s really good.” At his third visit, he did not mention local anesthetic and none was used. Four teeth were prepared for crowns. He hold me, “Didn’t feel a thing, Doc. If I knew about this, I would have been here much sooner. I’ll never wait this long again.”

    For Patient B, several large restorations were completed using the Pre-Op tape. The patient reported, “I didn’t feel a thing. That’s really great.” On his next visit, a single tooth was prepared for a crown. He reported, “The pinched nerve in my neck has quit hurting. I feel good all over.” (No mention of the dental procedure.) He concluded with, “There’s just nothing to be afraid of. We’ll be in touch more often.”

  • A client receiving deep tissue massage for ‘scar marbles’ from bulky re-knitting of tissue and bone, found that the area of the nodules was extremely sensitive to pressure. It was difficult to palpate deeply because of pain. She reported, “I used Sleeping Through the Rain to attain a deeper state of muscle relaxation and was able to tolerate the therapist working more deeply on the injured area. The entire shoulder girdle became more flexible and I experienced an unusual level of relaxation in my neck and scalp.”
  • I needed to have three new cavities filled and ten mercury fillings removed and replaced. The night before the procedure I played the Pain Control tape continuously while I slept, and again on awakening. The dentist was curious and supportive of my decision; not to have gas or injection, and made it possible for me to play the tape while he worked. It had been well over 15 years since I had allowed a dentist to look in my mouth, due to my fear of pain. There was no discomfort as he removed, redrilled, and cleaned out seven of the old fillings. The last three were deep, large cavities. He worked for 1 1/2 hours to complete all the drilling. We took a break. I rose from the chair with 13 gaping holes in my mouth, my body a little stiff from holding tension, but feeling great.

    Thinking the worst was over, I switched to a favorite popular music tape to enjoy while he filled the cavities, and was caught totally unaware by unexpected pain. In need of immediate relief, I used the number sequence suggestion from Pain Control instead of taking time to switch tapes – and I was fine! What a pleasure to have completed the entire procedure in one visit, nearly free of pain, and feeling fine afterwards!

  • Report from a dentist. During a five month period, I played Sleeping Through the Rain for 25 patients for procedures that are done with a local anesthetic. I selected this tape for its low bass tones which are excellent for drowning out the sound of dental equipment. The composition is particularly relaxing, and the Hemi-Sync frequencies integrated within the music are designed to lead the listener into a deeply relaxed state. It was rarely necessary to use any pharmacologic form of sedation, although occasionally nitrous oxide was used.

    Twelve patients reported enjoying the tape because it allowed them to focus their attention elsewhere while their mouths were being worked on. Eight patients experienced deep relaxation, and two of these fell asleep during the procedure.

    Five patients reported experiencing no apparent effect. Two of these stated that they thought the tape would be of more help to people who were nervous about coming to the dentist.

  • A dental practice decided to experiment with playing Metamusic on speakers heard throughout the entire treatment area. A new associate, who was not familiar with the experiment, came to the front and asked what kind of music was playing. After about fifteen minutes of listening she felt extremely relaxed. Patient comments range from “I can’t believe I fell asleep in the dental chair,” to “I feel more relaxed, but I can still hear the drill.” Our conclusion is that both relaxation and pain control are benefited by Hemi-Sync and continue to use it in our dental office.
  • Report from a chronic pain clinic: To introduce the tapes, I offer a presentation on sleep, sleep cycles, sleep disorders and the importance of sleep as a restorative process. Then, each pain patient lies on a mat with a pillow and headphones to listen to just the Prep side of a H-PLUS tape. Sounds of snoring from two patients who said that they were usually unable to fall asleep were quite exciting. The simple procedure of listening to just Prep creates receptivity to the impact of the tapes. Patients cannot wait to hear the other side! Over the next few days, as we get acquainted, I recommend specific tapes for their individual problems.
  • From my personal observations–and from discussions with patients–the tapes are a hit! H-PLUS De-Discomfort, Restorative Sleep, Circulation, and Off-Loading had the biggest impact on reducing chronic pain. The MIND FOOD tapes Sound Sleeper,and Pain Control, were also helpful.
  • A cracked molar had to come out and the oral surgeon was going to have to drill to break it up before extracting the pieces. When I told my dentist how much I was dreading the appointment with the oral surgeon, he gave me his Hemi-Sync tapes and encouraged me to try them. I listened to the Pre-Op tape from the Surgical Support Series at home and then again in the surgeon’s waiting room. While in the chair I listened to Intra-Op and was aware that my short breaths turned into really deep breathing without effort. I felt calm and confident and comfortable. I went to bed when I got home afterwards, fell asleep listening to Post-Op, and went to work feeling fine the next morning.
  • The men were truck drivers, crane operators, or handlers of heavy equipment, all very sedentary occupations with most of the day spent seated. After using the Pain Control tape for several months they spoke of feeling the pain less, needing less medication, and improved morale. The clinical signs were still present, but they were responding more positively to their pain.
  • Muscular tightness often interfered with my getting a good night’s sleep. Once I started listening to Restorative Sleep, the muscular pain and discomfort went away and hasn’t come back.
  • Mrs. C. consulted me with severe migraines. Hypnotherapy gave her some relief but not as much as hoped. I suggested that she listen to Brain: Repairs & Maintenance, and she reported considerably more relief. She still gets migraines but far ess frequently and less severe, and they pass quickly.
  • The Circulation tape has greatly reduced my constant ache from standing on cement floors all day at work. The bulging veins have reduced to fine “spider veins” around my knees and I feel comfortable using a stair climbing exercise machine again.
  • Your Brain: Repairs & Maintenance and Lungs: Repairs & Maintenance tapes have brought my headaches under control and have helped restore my endurance levels for the 3 mile walks I can now enjoy again without gasping for air.
  • A nine-year-old client had excruciating migraine headaches and needed occasional adjustments to relieve the pressure in his brain. As we began one counseling session, he was experiencing one of his headaches. I had my tape player with me and decided to see if the Concentration tape would help him through it while we continued the session. In less than five minutes he stopped in mid-sentence, looked at me in a combination of puzzlement, amazement, and relief, and said, “The headache is gone.”
  • I use guided imagery as a mainstay in my practice at the Pain Control and Stress Management Clinic. My clients are much more receptive to imagery when I play Hemi-Sync musical tapes in the background. Into The Deep, Inner Journey and Cloudscapes are a few that I use often. The tapes are an extremely useful tool which accelerates the therapeutic benefits of guided imagery techniques.
  • I recently slipped and fell while getting into my car on a rainy day. As a result of the accident, I incurred broken bones in my left hand and foot, and both limbs were put in casts. Since the pain was quite intense, the orthopedic surgeon gave me prescription pain killers, and recommended that I remain immobilized for five weeks. Because I’d already worked with Hemi-Sync tapes for many years, I knew my recovery would not be problematic. Pain Control eased the pain and reduced the swelling, so I needed to take medication for only two days. Energy Walk and Restorative Sleep lulled me into deep regenerative sleep states. I returned to work after only five days and my mobility and energy has been very impressive to the doctors and my colleagues throughout the ordeal.
  • All of my life I have been a very poor dental patient, and over the last few years have had major dental work done. Yesterday, I was more prepared, having listened several times to the Pain Control tape and mentally rehearsed the Quick Fix function. The procedure lasted two and a half hours, but during that time I felt calm and only needed one anaesthetic injection. Since the injection wore off I have experienced no pain or discomfort.
  • My wife suffered severe headaches (sometimes migraines) for two weeks at a time during her monthly cycle, along with breast pain. She has found that De-Discomfort reduced and often took away the constant pain. It made life manageable again. I’ve used the same tape to take care of headaches and other pain. It really works.