Testimonials – Massage/Bodywork

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • A remedial therapist reports, “I have been using Metamusic tapes with patients with conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s, arthritis, asthma, and neurological states, using an auto-reverse player so I don’t have to stop treatment to turn the tape over. Midsummer Night is especially popular. All patients relaxed more easily and quickly. There was a very marked reduction in the more obvious types of stress, chatter quickly stopped, and the tranquil, relaxed state enabled a deeper level to emerge.
  • As a practitioner, I believe that Hemi-Sync is a great aid to massage from the patient’s point of view, giving a greater sense of relaxation and well-being. The first, almost immediate effect – relaxation of the body. Then a quieting of the mind that leads to inner stillness, so the overall effect becomes a generalized serenity.
  • From a massage therapist: Hemi-Sync tapes are especially helpful with clients who are trying to get in touch with emotional trauma stored in their bodies, particularly those who have had difficulty doing so in the past. Hemi-Sync also supports those who are using Swedish massage as a medium to reach a transcendent or altered state to do personal work or just to be with themselves. Their experience seems to be deeper and more rewarding. For stressed-out corporate types the tranquil, relaxed state enabled a deeper level to emerge (specifically, the personnel manager of a large company laying off significant numbers of employees). Hemi-Sync calms them.
  • Hemi-Sync makes a difference with those who have trouble accessing their feelings due to fear around the original trauma or because they are just uncomfortable in that part of their brain. The Metamusic selection, Sleeping Through the Rain, works nicely in this application.
  • Faster and more complete releases occurred week after week; I attribute this, more than anything else, to the addition of Hemi-Sync. It supported increased abilities for the client and allowed us to interact at a more intuitive, and effective level.
  • Working with Swedish massage (light pressure which is more pleasurable and relaxing than the deep work) produced some interesting reactions in combination with Super Sleep. It was possible to induce a very deep state, in which the person was just “not there” whatsoever, and experienced intense dreaming and processing.
  • A remedial therapist in England plays Hemi-Sync in the background when working with clients. She reports about Bob who has a chronic illness that diminishes his energy. Super Sleep enhances his rest periods very beneficially, and he’s a great fan of H+ Relax. He says it helps him lie and relax for nine hours at a time, and he also uses it every evening to get a good rest before the exertion of his nightly bath.
  • My massage therapist began a series of deep tissue massages after an evaluation of “scar marbles” resulting from tissue and bone re-knitting in a bulky, awkward fashion. The area of the nodules was extremely sensitive to pressure and difficult to palpate deeply. During the first deep tissue session, I used the Pain Control command successfully to distance from the discomfort so that the area could be worked in a controlled manner. During the second massage, I used Sleeping Through the Rain to attain a deeper state of muscle relaxation, and was able to tolerate her working more deeply on the injured area. By the third massage, she was able to work at the level of the bone and gently manipulate the scar nodules directly. They began to shrink and flatten very quickly, the entire shoulder girdle became more flexible, and I experienced an unusual (for me) level of relaxation in my neck and scalp. I believe that Hemi-Sync has uniquely supported and speeded my healing, and my overall energy level has measurably increased.
  • Relaxation and receptiveness are the mindsets we are trying to achieve to help clients let go and accept healing energy, and Metamusic is ideal for setting the mood at our Reiki clinic. When I received your Metamusic CDs, I couldn’t wait to bring them to work. Inner Journey and Sleeping Through the Rain are particular favorites, and are being used by our massage therapist as well. The CDs are wonderful because no one has to hurry and turn the tape over. To do so would disrupt the flow and concentration of the practitioners.