Testimonials – Learning/Memory

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

    • Research on Hemi-Sync has reported that teachers who have used it in their classrooms noticed a decrease in student distractibility and an increase in academic performance. A study conducted with an introductory psychology class found significantly higher scores in the experimental group on five out of six tests. A study conducted at a government training center found a 30% increase in scores for Morse code students and a 75% increase on mental-motor skills. The U.S. Army reported positive results in using Hemi-Sync to improve acquisition of a second language.
    • Hemi-Sync tapes were used in a study of memory. The subjects carried out four different learning tasks while listening to an instrumental music tape played at low volume via headphones and a stereo tape player. The tape played for the experimental group included Hemi-Sync binaural beat signals while the control group was exposed to the same music without binaural beats. Hemi-Sync was found to be an effective method of facilitating memory for three of the four dependent variables studied. The researcher concludes that Hemi-Sync tapes “provide a portable, inexpensive method of assisting . . . in memory tasks [and] . . . a cost-effective, non-drug alternative to those individuals and educational systems seeking to augment standard techniques. . . Mainstream education could benefit from making widely available a form of brainwave training which makes the learning environment more enjoyable and productive.”
    • A college instructor, who had been lecturing for a decade on the importance of bilateral synchronized brain waves for superlearning (or a super performance state) recognized that hemispheric synchronization in a slow alpha/theta rhythm was a key factor. She had experimented with a variety of audiotapes, none of which aided learning or truly facilitated the desired response. When she first came across Monroe Institute information, she decided to give the HUMAN-PLUS tapes a “test drive” with an advanced undergraduate class. In her words, “having tried many other tapes that looked promising but did not pan out, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive impact of the tapes, as reported by the students, within two weeks. The tapes truly seemed to help in the self-change for the students.”
    • At 9:00 p.m. I settled down to study on the bed between my small speakers with Remembrance playing softly. Time flew as I read faster and faster. I read even more pages than we had been assigned, got a lot out of it, and the reading was pleasant rather than the chore I thought it would be. The tape energized me and got me in the mood for studying eagerly and with enthusiasm. I really didn’t want to stop because I was on a roll. By 10:15, with no breaks in between, I stopped, having accomplished twice what I normally would have. It was great!
    • For help with study habits, concentration, and test anxiety, two especially helpful tapes are Imprint and Think Fast. I use Imprint to imprint information the first time I read it. Think Fast is great as an all-around tonic for creative thinking and reading comprehension, and has provided a positive panacea for the mental slowdown I experienced after turning forty.
    • Retain-Recall-Release has given me spectacular results. Previously, I had real problems with memory and concentration, and was unable to recreate a picture, color or shape from memory. Using the cues from this tape, I now can easily create colored pictures under my eyelids to help me remember words in foreign languages, or things I need to do. It works!
    • I give piano lessons to a seven year old girl and was training her to play scales with a metronome. For several weeks she was able to play at 126 beats per minute (bpm). This week I played the Concentration tape through speakers during the lesson. We started the metronome at 126 bpm and speeded it up gradually. She was able to play at 160 bpm. Hey, that’s great!
    • A proud mother said, “My sixteen year old son had been getting only 40s and 50s on written tests. He used Remembrance while studying for final exams, made no score below 84, and was ecstatic.”
    • Buy the Numbers is a marvel! I’m studying physics and finding that Hemi-Sync helps enormously with complex mathematical computations.
    • My ten year old grandson had been tested with an IQ of 70. That’s borderline retarded. Since working with the Concentration tape, which he loves to listen to, he’s getting straight As. Isn’t that miraculous? He said to me, “Grandma, if I could take my magic tape to school, all my friends could get As, too.”
    • The high school students reported that Concentration and Remembrance helped them to be more focused and improved their ability to concentrate. They were able to sit for hours without a break, they remember more, and they find studying more enjoyable. Catnapper helps them have a refreshing short nap after school, without sleeping for hours.
    • I always had trouble in school while I was growing up, and dropped out before high school, grade eight, to be exact. All my life this bothered me. I felt like a big failure. I decided to go back to school around the time someone told me about your tapes. I truly believe that if it weren’t for Hemi-Sync I would never have done as well. I would use Imprint before I started to study. First thing in the morning I’d listen to Concentration and use either Attention or Think Fast. Then I’d go to school and write the test or exam. Not only did I do extremely well, but throughout the entire year I was the best student in all my classes, and never got more than one or two answers wrong. This to me has been a great accomplishment. I also use Synchronizing, De-Hab,Mobius West, Wake/Know and Deep 10 Relaxation. Thank you for the great help these tapes have been for me.
    • Buy the Numbers is a favorite among students. Many who have difficulty with math requirements in pursuit of their degrees successfully use Buy The Numbers to help them pass math and to understand its principles better. The Attention tape has helped students enhance their focus while studying. Options helps with creativity. Speak Up helps rather dramatically with nervousness about speaking out in class or giving public speeches.
    • Responses from a questionnaire on the use of Remembrance :

      I felt total clarity of thought, energetic, calm without sleepiness…

      By 10:00, two hours into a busy Monday at the office while playing Remembrance , I realized I had completed three tasks and seven phone calls without missing a beat . . .

      I was able to think about numerous topics/tasks/jobs at one time . . .

      Listening to Remembrance gave me a profound feeling of openness, joy and release. A few problems I had been working on suddenly became clear. . . .

      The tape gives me a tug back to the subject at hand . . .

      When reading, I listen with headphones and find my concentration much deeper. For doing creative work I sit between speakers . . .

      The tape produced a feeling of balance, sustained energy, and the ability to zero in on the tasks at hand . . .

      I experienced heightened awareness, absence of distractions, greater absorption and depth of focus.

    • Intuitive skills can be taught successfully and enhanced when Hemi-Sync is used as a tool for rapid learning. I developed more respect and response to the gut level feelings. I am now less likely to dismiss such feelings before noting them and considering them in decision-making. Accuracy of my impressions has improved dramatically. Over time my perceptions have become quite refined and precise, and I am able to use intuition more easily in therapy and classroom settings.
    • Never having enjoyed mathematics, I knew one of the greatest challenges in getting my pilot’s license would be the calculations needed to pass the written and practical exams. I decided to play Buy The Numbers for some quick help. After listening twice I began the calculations–still I was stiff and unable to get down to work. Then I remembered that I get the best results when I start by chaining Relax/Attention and then adding other H-Plus Function Commands as needed.
      I began my study sessions with Concentration playing over headphones and immediately activated the following H-PLUS Functions: Relax/Attention/Imprint/Let Go/Off-Loading/Buy The Numbers. (The reason I used the Let Go/Off-Loading Function Commands was because of old patterns, limiting patterns that I was unable to perform mathematical calculations easily). Much to my amazement, I was able to easily, confidently, and cheerfully perform the calculations and continue studying for the written examination. I used Concentration each time I studied. The morning of the exam, I reviewed all the material (using Concentration) and then took a nap before going into the exam room completely calm and anxiety free. I chained together the following Function Commands: Relax/Attention/Recall/Let Go/ Off-Loading/Think Fast/ Buy The Numbers. I passed the written exam with flying colors, and with most of the mathematical calculations correct.
      I knew the next part of the studying was going to be a bit more complicated. Each time I flew with my instructor and he presented me with a skill to learn or a new challenge to overcome, I simply chained together the following Function Commands: Relax/Attention/Imprint/Think Fast/Synchronizing. As H+ helped me encode each new learning, I became more relaxed, more confident, and a better pilot. When my instructor noticed I was able to assimilate more information quicker and more completely, he asked how I was able to do this, and received a brief overview of Hemi-Sync and H-Plus. When the day came for the FAA Examiner to test me in the air, I moved confidently and easily from one skill to the next, and received my license.
    • When needing to read some highly technical papers, I experimented with and without Remembrance . The difference really impressed me. With the tape I was much more able to attend to the content, stay focused, not have to re-read sentences for comprehension, etc.
    • While attending a professional conference, I stuck my Walkman in my suit jacket, put on the headphones and listened to the Concentration tape during all lecture sessions. This provided the narrow focus of attention that was conducive to learning. I also used the Metamusic tape, Midsummer Night, which created a more open focus for my awareness. I was immediately aware of the increase in my ability to concentrate and remember what I learned in the various lectures and courses I attended.
    • With only one day to study for the state insurance licensing exam, I thought it was hopeless. I’d never be able to remember a manual of 190 pages. Although I wasn’t confident, I decided to give it a shot. I began studying at 9 a.m. and by 1 p.m. was losing my ability to concentrate. I put the Concentration tape into my continuous tape player and finished the book at 3:05 a.m. the next morning. I passed with an 86, thanks to Concentration which enabled me to maintain my concentration for 18 straight hours.
    • As I listened to Remembrance more and more, I noticed that I started to hear it less. I actually didn’t even notice that it was playing. This is when the benefits really started showing. I was studying for a major test which required lots of formulas and memorization. The concepts came easily to me. I got a perfect score on the test and I know the tape helped me study more efficiently and with fewer interruptions.
    • Report from a psychiatrist. I used the tape Concentration for patients with depressive syndrome, especially those with memory difficulties and whose ability to concentrate was diminished due to depression. They all had problems with concentration, attention-to-task deficit, lack of short-term memory, and felt unable to perform mental tasks as well as they had previously. The patients liked the effectiveness of the tape, and reported improvement of their ability to concentrate during test preparation and other cognitive tasks, better short-term memory, greater interest in their studies, and an ability to sustain attention for longer periods than was previously possible.
    • When I used the Function Command for H+ Attention, it was as if someone opened the top of my head and breathed fresh air into it. All of my senses snapped open!
    • A British race car driver credits the Concentration tape for reducing his lap time by a full two seconds. He remarked that he made fewer mistakes and that it just felt easy (189 mph easy?), and he had been a lot more consistent in braking and cornering. His wife said she had never seen him so relaxed while under pressure, with no sweating or hyper-speech symptoms.
    • 320 professionals attended five-day workshops that incorporated Hemi-Sync signals in background music to enhance participant learning. Following the workshop 96% stated that they were both more relaxed and more attentive than usual during the workshop.
    • A law student, desperate about the overload of material he needed to learn, heard about Remembrance . “It’s terrific,” he reported, “helps me feel relaxed and geared up to study effectively, all at the same time.”
    • On the first day of a workshop for learning to play the dulcimer, I had a lot of difficulty. The next day I wore my headphones and listened to the Concentration tape softly throughout the day. I listened to the new musical patterns with greater ease. I was aware that even though I could not play the pattern smoothly, or even remember the tune with ease, there was not the emotional overlay I had experienced before. Rather than feeling that I would never be able to do this, I simply knew that I was learning and would be able to produce what I had learned at a later time. I don’t know whether the Hemi-Sync increased my ability to learn, but I know that it prevented me from unconsciously interfering with my own learning by eliminating negative messages and scenarios. The most noticeable difference was my ability to hear my own instrument and to concentrate during the group practice times. Even when I did not wear the headphones, there was a carryover, and the sound of my own dulcimer came to the foreground of my awareness.
    • The Retain-Recall-Release tape helped me retain the information to pass a rather detailed five-item essay exam. Before these tapes, essay exams and I never got along!
    • Mr. and Mrs. G. had their first contact with the Hemi-Sync technology of The Monroe Institute in November 1992, and started playing the tape Surf over open speakers during television and play time for their son, Marcel. They also used Surf as background while Marcel was studying. In February 1993, Marcel began writing his first readable sentences. He knew and recognized with certainty every letter. At about the same time, he complained that playing Surf during study time distracted him. The tape Concentration was substituted.
      Marcel’s ten year old sister also had a history of reading and writing problems and was working on both skills with a therapist. It was observed that while she was experiencing the Hemi-Sync patterns of the Surf tape, she reduced her average of twenty-two spelling errors per dictation to seven.
  • Brain: Repair and Maintenance should be titled Brain Enhancement. The title doesn’t do it justice. When I use the verbal command I feel more aware of things in an interested, excited way, without being overwhelmed. I used the command yesterday while worrying about my finances and I immediately became less anxious and started to think more clearly. I’m discovering how well this function works in combination with other H+ functions for even better results.
  • The work load in my class on the human brain was very heavy, especially for someone working full time with family commitments as well. The Think Fast, Imprint, and Recall tapes helped me process and retain the material, also the concepts expressed in the tapes directly relate to what is taught in the class. This kept me very interested in the biological working of the brain, and in turn, helped me to understand both the class material and how your tapes work.
  • My sixteen year old son was having difficulty in school. He got A’s and B’s in regular class work, but did poorly on written tests, scoring in the 40’s and 50’s. A family therapist gave him the Remembrance tape to use while he studied for final exams. I am so pleased to report that he made no test score below an 84 on his finals, and was ecstatic.
  • The loss of cognitive function has been one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to deal with in my journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I experience the sensation of my mind being in a fog, especially in the afternoon and evening. At times, my ability to access short term memory or recall fades from my grasp. This had caused me to feel inadequate in many circumstances. A short while after I began listening to Remembrance as background music in the office, my capacity to retain information and focus my attention has improved dramatically. I have also worked with Imprint and Attention, and whenever I begin to feel that I am “fading,” the verbal cues are most helpful to restore and enhance a more productive state of mind.”
  • A thirty year-old dyslexic called to say that Hemi-Sync is like a “shot in the arm.” After only a month of using the PAL Executive Package, Attention, Synchronizing, and Think Fast, he’s aware of a noticeable improvement in cognitive ability. This has made a big difference in on-the-job effectiveness, and has changed his self-image from someone with a handicapping condition to that of a self-directed achiever.
  • I was worried about passing the test I would soon have to take to become a court reporter. I had been studying hard, but my speed wasn’t what it needed to be. After I started using the PAL Student Package for practice sessions, my speed picked up. I knew I’d pass, and I did so in a relaxed and confident manner.