Testimonials – Immune Disorders

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • Epstein-Barr and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction has left me severely debilitated, very weak, and often in pain. I am finding the Pain Control tape very effective, and I feel a tremendous amount of energy surge through my body when I listen to Energy Walk.
  • I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) for years. The debilitating fatigue, chronic viral infections, and muscular pain kept me disabled for a long time. Although standard medical treatment did help with some of the symptoms, the healing effects of Hemi-Sync® tapes made the greatest impact on my condition. In the beginning, I listened to a few of the nonverbal and musical tapes several times a day. The immediate effect was of release from discomfort to a feeling of well being. Once I became aware of the other tapes the Institute offered, I added Pain Control, Restorative Sleep, and Immunizing to my collection, and experienced wonderful results. Within several months of using them, the aching in my body subsided and my overall energy increased quite substantially. Hemi-Sync tapes continue to give me relief.
  • My sister and I both have CFIDS, and a big part of the syndrome is the inability to get quality sleep. Usually I couldn’t sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. Since I began using the Hemi-Sync tape Deep 10 Relaxation, I have been able to nap in the afternoon and have found a good night’s sleep for the first time in many years. With the Positive Immunity Program, my sister and I have learned some very good techniques for managing other symptoms.
  • The Time Out for Sleep CD has been very beneficial for me and others in my support group who have the physiological sleep problems that are inherent with Fibromyalgia. It enables one to get the deep sleep required for healthier functioning of the body. De-Discomfort and Pain Control are also favorites to help alleviate the all over body pain.
  • I battle with chronic Epstein Barr and cytomegalovirus infections, and this makes exposure to a cold or flu bug a real threat to my already fragile health. I have used the Positive Immunity Program to enhance the recuperative process when struck with a bug or even a bad cold. I now get well quickly from these things that previously took weeks to conquer.
  • The Positive Immunity Program is useful for building a better level of health and well-being for those who have a variety of Auto-Immune based illnesses. My family and I have had good results with using it for allergies, arthritis, and chronic herpes breakouts. Whenever symptoms begin to flare up, we use the tapes to help stabilize the conditions.
  • I conduct Hemi-Sync workshops for those who suffer from the sleep disturbances associated with Fibromyalgia. One participant’s sleep pattern was so disrupted that she could not sleep without drugs, ever. She could be so fatigued that her vision blurred and she stumbled while walking, yet when she tried, she could not sleep. During the first day of the workshop, she was awakened by another participant snoring (another success story), and started crying. It was the first time she had been asleep without drugs in 18 months. The following Monday morning, we received a call from her stating she’d had two full nights of undisturbed sleep while using Hemi-Sync sleep tapes. She and the other participants report similar experiences, and continue to benefit from the tapes.
  • The loss of cognitive ability has been one of the most frustrating things to deal with in my journey through CFIDS. In addition to the physical disability, short-term memory loss has been a problem for me. The Imprint and Remembrance tapes have been helpful in this area. I have improved recall and clarity, and feel more confident about myself.
  • Dysfunctional sleep had been one of my wife’s most disturbing Fibromyalgia symptoms. During the week she spent at The Monroe Institute taking the Gateway Voyage program, she enjoyed quality sleep for the first time in a long while, and continues to benefit from improved sleep with the use of Hemi-Sync tapes at home.
  • About a year after I was diagnosed with CFIDS, a friend gave me a few Metamusic® tapes to try. He said the tapes might be soothing to listen to, but did not explain anything about Hemi-Sync to me. After a week of listening daily, much to my amazement, I noticed an improvement in the way I felt physically and emotionally. That was 7 years ago. In the years since then, I have incorporated several types of Hemi-Sync tapes into my daily routine, and I have gained control of my symptoms. Surf , Energy Walk and De-Discomfort are some which are very effective for me. I have been able to resume a 6 hour a day work schedule for the past four years, and when I return home, all I need do is rest for an hour or so, listen to one of my tapes, and I’m replenished again for several hours in the evening. This is quite an accomplishment for someone who was totally debilitated. Hemi-Sync has greatly enhanced the quality of my life.
  • I tried the Time Out For Sleep CD to see if it would help me overcome the sleep disorder that accompanies FMS. It really works, and my recovery has been rapid. It is now possible to walk upstairs without pain, and my body is pain free a lot of the time. One or two “Time Out” naps a day keep the chronic fatigue at bay. There are more comfortable times than painful ones, and I’m optimistic about full recovery.
  • A therapist reports: “On the first visit the client complained of tiredness after physical exercise of any sort, inability to concentrate, and general depression, all classic symptoms of ME (CFIDS).” After using Hemi-Sync tapes for a while, the client reported, “The tapes provide a safe environment in which to get to know myself. I’m feeling in control again after a long period of feeling controlled by illness and doctors. Hemi-Sync® gives me the freedom and encouragement to recognize my own needs and to use the appropriate tapes as a solution.” Tune Up, De-Tox: Body, Circulation, Relax, and Off-Loading are among the tapes she uses.
  • A therapist reports on two clients who use Hemi-Sync to deal with post viral fatigue syndrome: “While neither client is completely cured, both have gone a very long way to being able to cope effectively with their symptoms. Both women still have days when they become extremely fatigued and need periods of rest, but mentally they are now attuned to handling these symptoms and they soon recover from them.”