Testimonials – Heart

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • I occasionally experience an unpleasant and sometimes frightening racing of my heartbeat. (My doctor has explained what this is and it is not something to worry about.) It feels as if a switch has been flipped. One minute, I’m fine; the next I feel a strong pounding in my chest and my heart seems to be racing top speed. It usually seems to occur when I’ve not gotten enough rest. Sometimes it is triggered by bending for something and coming up too fast. Other times, I can be reading for an hour–perfectly relaxed–and out of the blue the switch flips and I feel it.

    This particular time, I’d bent down for something and came up fast. As I did, I felt the sudden hard, fast pounding and could hear it (blood pounding) in my ears. It was so strong, I felt that I might pass out. I got to a chair and sat down. My husband was six feet away from me around the corner in the dining room, but I could not call him; the pounding was too hard, my breath too short. The feeling of passing out was still strong. I immediately thought of HUMAN-PLUS but then my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember the Heart Command. I knew I’d done other exercises that would help me (Circulation, Tune-Up) but could not even recall their names, let alone their Commands. Finally, the only one that came to mind was Relax. I tried to take a deep breath but was only able to inhale one half. I then started to say, Plus-Relax, Relax. The moment I said “Plus” in my mind, the pounding heartbeat stopped. I was so surprised I forgot to say the rest. What was so surprising was the utter stillness and quiet that I felt in my whole system and the absolute certainty that the word “Plus” had triggered this instant change. The stillness and quiet was incredibly beautiful; like the utter stillness of deep contemplation.

    I was floating in this stillness and then, silly as this may sound, I mentally panicked and started checking my body for signs: couldn’t hear my heart beating, no movement, no breathing. Rational thought came to the rescue. If I’d stopped my heart with the “Plus,” would I still be sitting in the chair? I felt the cool glass of the table top under my arm; my eyes were definitely staring at the orange-brown tiles on the kitchen floor. And maybe I couldn’t hear breathing because I was still holding my breath. With this realization, I started to breath out and finish the Function Command. As I released my breath slowly, I said “relax.”

    The moment I said it, I felt a strong, single, pounding heartbeat in my chest and heard the beat `in’ my ears. I felt an inner flutter of hesitation, Was the pounding, racing beat going to return? I finished the Command, letting out my breath slowly and saying the final “Relax.” With that word, I felt the erratic, racing and pounding beat wash out of me in a single wave and felt this wave continue outward beyond me, out of the room, out of the house. I felt fine, as I had before this happened.

    Why Relax?? My doctor has said people do faint when this happens if they get too panicky. Her advice–RELAX! Sit down or lie down. And just RELAX! This kind of experience is usually a frightening one; one which the body controls and turns on. Now I can mentally regain control with Plus – Relax, Relax and rebalance my system. It will be a great help to the many others who also experience this not uncommon phenomenon.

  • A 55-year old woman improved her heart function and her general physical condition with the following H+ tapes used three times daily: Relax, Attention, Let Go, Off-Loading , De-Tox: Body, Circulation, Heart: Repairs & Maintenance.
  • The patient has been advised by her physician to keep up the Hemi-Sync and there is no need to return to medication. Patient is to have blood drawn in six months and monitor results. It is important to note here that this patient decided to forego any medication and used only Hemi-Sync technology to achieve excellent results under very stressful conditions.
  • I suffer from a heart condition which brings about sudden changes of blood pressure. There’s been a distinct difference since I started listening to H+ Circulation and Heart: Repairs & Maintenance, — markedly fewer changes in pressure and, when there is a change, it’s more moderate.
  • I had been taking Beta blockers, 1 to 2 pills a day, for over 2 1/2 years for heart rhythm disorders. I listened to the tape Heart: Repairs & Maintenance one time, felt my heart go physically “thump” inside my rib cage, and then start off on a new rhythm. I decided to go off the Beta blockers the next day and have stayed off them ever since (about a year now). The cardiologist still doesn’t know why my ECG is back to normal, but I do.
  • I have worked with Hemi-Sync tapes since the mid-eighties, and have benefited in a number of ways. I have successfully controlled stress, and flare-ups of hypertension so successfully, that I have been taken off medication to control blood pressure. In a recent cardiac stress test, the attending nurse, who knows I use Hemi-Sync verbal commands, scolded me saying “Stop controlling your heart beat! We need to get it up to target faster!”
  • A man I knew from church went into the hospital for a radical five-bypass surgery. Two weeks later I was amazed to see him walking with his wife up the hill from the church parking lot. His wife was huffing and puffing, but he was not. He had enjoyed an amazingly fast recovery, and said that the Surgical Support Series was the reason. When I told him about my upcoming surgery he offered to lend me his album with the exception of Energy Walk. “I’m sorry,” he explained, “but I won’t be parted from that tape.”
  • Shortly after I started using Hemi-Sync tapes, I introduced them to my brother who has had two coronary bypass surgeries and a seriously dangerous aneurism repaired. He swears that he could not have made it through without the Surgical Support Series, and his recovery has been relatively easy.