Testimonials – Hearing/Vision

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • After years of congratulating myself on my good vision as more and more of my friends were getting glasses, it was really disappointing when, aged 46, I needed my first glasses. I was determined to work on eyesight with the help of Hemi-Sync. I consistently use the verbal cues from Sensory: Seeing, Tune-Up, Circulation and Restorative Sleep. Seven years have gone by and I haven’t needed a stronger prescription.
  • A doctor explained that he recommends Hemi-Sync to patients with varying degrees of hearing loss ranging from mild to total. They benefit from the tapes because the sound vibrations that make up the Hemi-Sync patterns are carried to the brain by the bones in the ear canal. It is not necessary to consciously “hear” the Hemi-Sync.
  • I gave Sensory: Hearing to a colleague who suffered from episodes of ringing in his ear followed by intense headache. The diagnosis had been degenerative nerve disease. At his next episode, he listened to the tape five times over a three-day period-all the symptoms stopped and he hasn’t had another episode for three months now. He’s very grateful for the relief and also for the relaxation from Hemi-Sync tapes.
  • Several friends plagued by tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) commented that after using Sensory: Hearing several times their tinnitus disappeared for long periods. When it came back, they only had to listen to the tape again.
  • This 91-year-old patient has a profound hearing loss in the left ear, and almost profound in the right ear. He wears hearing aids in both. While wearing a set of earphones that went over his hearing aids without whistling, he listened to H+ Circulation. During the Prep side he listened very intently and said back to me out loud everything that was being said on the tape. During the second side, I suggested that he see if he could go to sleep. He nodded off very soon.
  • The doctors of an eighty-year-old nun who was due for a cataract operation feared that the herpes infection in her eyes might flare up and perhaps lead to blindness. She insisted on going through with the operation, given added confidence through using the tape H+ Sensory: Seeing. The operation was successful, with no complications. She continued with the tape afterwards and greatly surprised her doctor by the virtually total recovery of her vision.
  • A professional photographer told me that after moving into his 50s he found his vision becoming less and less sharp. I told him about Sensory: Seeing, and got a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant as a Thank You. He now uses the function command before going out on assignment and during the assignment, and says that his sight is as good as it ever was.