Testimonials – Gateway Experience

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “I spent eight years in a one on one apprenticeship with a Toltec shaman learning to shift awareness and perception. With Hemi-Sync I was getting similar results in only a matter of days!” – Marcus Leader, Leader Research
  • “These tapes/CDs represent a splendid tool for hiking the spiritual path. If you’re serious about going for the OOBE, these tapes/CDs are the ones to use for repeated practice.” – Steve Graf, PhD, Professor of Psychology
  • “I was happy to experience that this was the FIRST training system [Discovery] to teach me a way to enter a state of deep body relaxation, while my mind was awake and calm (Focus 10), that was easy, simple in execution (although deep in theory), consistent in its results and persuasive. After only a week with your system it was very easy for me to enter and stay in a calm and relaxed state for 45 minutes and more. This was the beginning. Then I obtained from my local dealer Volumes II – VI and now I’m waiting for Volume VII to arrive. Now I easily go to Focus 12 (a deeper state of consciousness than focus 10) without the help of a tape where I can program my life, search answers for my questions, improve myself.” – Panos Tzavelis, Piraeus, Greece
  • “I was excited to receive Wave II (Threshold) of the Gateway Experience, but after listening to the first tape I felt I just didn’t “get it”. Focus 12 felt just like F-10! But the second time I listened to the tape I reminded myself to just relax and let Hemi-Sync train my mind. That’s when I felt a detachment from the physical so much deeper than F-10, yet similar enough that I could see my “waypoint” back at Focus 10. With succeeding tapes, F-12 became deeper still, and my awareness is continually growing. Who knows, I may get to thank RAM personally someday. Wave III, here I come!” – Kytar Logon
  • ” Wave IV #3 Messages. Unreal, the accuracy. I had no expectations, no preconceived notion, no idea, what it meant. I was open to the upcoming, not knowing or guessing on what it meant, the five messages. The result: I was in a state of awe!!! Unreal, the accuracy of the messages, issues pertaining to my intimate, ‘clandestine’ wants and wishes, different aspects of it, and also other surprises!! Spiritual, mental, intellectual and “earthly” matters! My jaw is still hanging below my knees!!” – Lili Guefen, CA
  • “I just got the Wave VII CDs and they are great. They have nice wording and they are nicely voiced. I even had an OBE listening to the first exercise. I also liked the one (Exercise 4, I think) where the helpers lift you higher and set you back. All of them give me a nice peaceful feeling. I will enjoy working with them.” – Dave Neufer
  • “The latest addition to TMI’s home Gateway Experience series, the Seventh Wave: Phasing, will certainly satisfy those who have requested tapes to facilitate access to the higher Focus Levels. The dialogue and Hemi-Sync tones helped me to easily phase into Focus 21. This new Wave set is a must for those who wish to explore the vast realities beyond Focus 12.” – Susan Taylor, MA
  • After listening to Wave l of Gateway Experience, my meditation is much stronger and deeper than before. The tapes have been wonderful, and I’ll be using them for much more than meditation.
  • I listen to the Discovery tapes 1 and 2 on a daily basis and find them to be well thought out, supportive, and gentle. You are potentially giving listeners the most valuable gift of all: self-knowledge.
  • Working with the Discovery tapes, I’ve been feeling generally more relaxed and more comfortable, as if I’m somehow “above” my usual bad feelings. There’s a new sense of coming together with myself. Things can be going on all around me without my being disturbed. The first time I listened to the tapes, I was upset and angry at my partner. After the tape was over the anger just was no longer with me, and I was able to sincerely apologize for having been so snappy earlier.
  • Gateway Experience has brought me results that were totally unanticipated. In addition to my stress level dropping, I’ve been able to concentrate better and sleep more comfortably. I’m coming to know myself better, and I’m remembering dreams for the first time. There’s been a marked improvement in my interactions with other people. My attitude is better. I smile more and feel more open and friendly.
  • So far I’ve completed Wave l and Threshold and have achieved the relaxation, awareness, and unusual vibrations. I feel as if I’m reaching for the stars. Since working with Gateway Experience, things have evolved for the better in almost every part of my life. Life has not been treating me differently, but my outlook on the things that happen is different. It’s clear that my life is my choice and I can make positive choices regardless of my environment. Other people see and respond to me in that light also, so generally life has been getting better from inside and out.
  • Over the year that I’ve been working with Wave l , I’ve perceived a lot of loving help coming from the guides and teachers in Focus 10. Now it’s time to expand to Focus 12!
  • Only 10 days after experiencing Focus 10 for the first time I notice improved thought retention and a longer attention span, better logic and problem solving ability, and better dexterity and eye-hand coordination. When I’m working on something, the job is done more easily without much conscious effort on my part. My mind and body seem to be more coordinated. I guess that’s what hemispheric synchronization does.
  • When I listen to the Gateway Experience tapes I’m mostly in a very relaxed and calm state; just there, sensing and observing in a child/student-like manner without anything extraordinary going on. But a lot has been changing in my life when I’m not listening to tapes. I come away from a tape session with the insight that if I allow myself to feel and act as I would like to, I can be that. It’s my choice, and not the choice of the world outside. My physical body has been feeling much better. My shoulder joints feel like they have more movement and l have more energy and strength. Before I couldn’t walk a mile without my feet hurting. Now I’m jogging about two miles. My self-image is improving and people are responding to me more positively. I’m developing new habits that are reorganizing daily routines for the better. I’m becoming more focused, find myself planning better and saying no without feeling so guilty. Things don’t seem so black and white and I have more respect for different opinions.