Testimonials – Brain Injury

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • Travis, born with severe brain abnormalities, was expected to live in a vegetative state if he survived at all. By age four, receiving every kind of support the medical profession had to give including physical, occupational and speech therapy, he was unable to walk, talk, feed himself, or communicate his needs or wants. His mother began to play Remembrance at his bedside throughout the night. After a few days, his father noticed how much more alert and active Travis was becoming. Within two weeks of consistent playing of the tape, Travis began to feed himself.Shortly after, the therapists at the day care center Travis attends asked his parents what they were doing differently to account for the marked improvement they were noticing. When the physical therapist learned about the tape, she said she had long known about Hemi-Sync® technology. She had repeatedly recommended that parents use Hemi-Sync® with their brain injured children but stopped trying after countless failed efforts to convince the families that something so simple could have so much potential value.Within weeks Travis’ mother told me, “He’s talking, and I don’t mean baby talk! He’s telling us what he wants to eat. He stayed with his grandparents while my husband and I went on vacation and when we returned could clearly call their names. A woman at the mall held the door for me as I maneuvered Travis inside in his stroller. I thanked her and then Travis echoed my words and said to the woman, “Thank you.” Now when I tell him we’re going to day care, he replies, “Yeah, OK.”

    Further breakthroughs come often now for Travis. He sings his favorite songs, can pull himself up to a standing position and holds onto furniture, much like a child who is about to gain the skill of balance and walking. Hemi-Sync® has facilitated a life rich in communication with family and friends and the pride of doing more for himself than anyone thought would ever be possible.

  • In January 1984, I was involved in an automobile accident. Although the car was “totaled,” I was released from the hospital after only a quick examination. There were no broken bones, lacerations, or loss of consciousness. My symptoms of concussion were dismissed.During the next six years I experienced different kinds of mental dysfunction and disability, and then started using Hemi-Sync® tapes from the Human Plus series. My support group began noticing changes. They said, “In the last two or three weeks, you’ve been so much brighter. You’ve had more energy. You’ve been so much quicker. Why, you’re making jokes left and right.” When I told a joke at work one day, a co-worker said, “Don’t tell me you are brain damaged if you can make a remark that fast.” Back at my desk, I realized that I’d been using the Human Plus tape Brain: Support & Maintenance, and obviously it was working.The people who had noticed the difference in me didn’t know about the tapes. They were remarking on my brightness and quickness. Until others noticed the changes, I hadn’t realized that I was improving. When it was brought to my attention, I asked myself, “What’s different?” The only difference was listening to the tape every night. I was sleeping better, things were going more smoothly, and I experienced various breakthroughs. At times I’d think, “Oh, I’m handling this much better now. I’m doing this easier now.” It wasn’t a case of listening to the tape one day and the next day saying, “Oh, I listened to the tape last night and now look how good I am.” It was an ongoing process rather than a dramatic, overnight change.

    The Hemi-Sync® tapes have definitely helped in retraining my brain and recovering lost abilities to concentrate and think clearly. By practicing intensely, I’ve recovered my gift of music, lost at the time of the accident. Like others in recovery, I work on healing each day, one day at a time.

  • For some years I have had a jerk-like tremor in my head due to a “minor” head injury. I could feel it at the top of the brain stem just below the skull. Sometimes at night it would keep me awake because of the feeling of tension which would build up and then release in a jerk. After several months of using the tape Brain: Support & Maintenance, and later adding the tape called Energy Walk, the tremor is almost non-existent.
  • They were doing patterning for a small child whose central nervous system had been affected from a brain injury. I told the mother that Metamusic tapes might be helpful. She called to let us know that the tapes were helping her child to relax and enjoy the physical patterning exercises. She indicated that when the tape stopped, the child would tense up and stop making any sounds. As soon as they started the tape again, the child would relax and make happy sounds.
  • After a fall which resulted in brain injury, I was physically weak, emotionally demoralized, out of balance, and mentally insecure. After some difficult years I learned about Hemi-Sync® and began to notice results after listening to H+ Brain: Support and Maintenance about four times. They were very subtle, but concrete. The more I used the Function Command, the easier it became to express myself both orally and in writing, and the more my vision improved. I use the Function Command several times each day, beginning in the shower each morning and ending as I go to sleep at night. As I use it, I feel as if a veil is being slowly but gently lifted from my mind. I also use H+ Synchronizing and Circulation, and the Resonant Tuning tape. They seem to have a cumulative effect.
  • After an auto accident left me with brain injury, I stopped reading because I could no longer follow a train of thought. I discovered Hemi-Sync®, have gone back to school, and am doing very well. Remembrance helps me with my studies, and Sleeping Through the Rain helps me rest at night.
  • He was having memory loss and anxiety after being beaten over the head during a robbery. I was amazed at the changes over a two month period of listening to Hemi-Sync® Metamusic tapes. His attitude became more positive and less anxious, his writing skills became more lucid, and his nonverbal communication normalized.