Testimonials – Behavior Change

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “Masterworks was reported to significantly decrease anxiety and aggressive behaviors. Respondents reporting this included a clinician with a classroom of developmentally disabled adults, an over-stressed hospital department head, and a wife and caretaker of her husband with advanced cancer.”
    – Gayle Hendrickson, Millerton, NY
  • I cannot remember a time when I didn’t bite or rip my fingernails. More often than not I would have a fingernail half off before I consciously realized what I was doing. If, with great effort, I managed to grow nails at all, it would not last long. After listening to De-Hab once I began to use the verbal cue every time I felt I was going to bite my nails. I saw immediate results: the desire to bite or rip my nails would go away. I continued to use the verbal cue for two or three weeks and, to my amazement, the desire to bite my finger nails went away. At the time of this writing, it has been about three and a half months since I used the verbal cue. I just don’t feel the desire to bite my nails any more.
  • I gave Remembrance to friends who weren’t dealing very well with the sudden, totally unanticipated need for them to raise their two grandchildren. The qualitative difference in their attitudes is remarkable. The glass is now half full instead of half empty, they are less fearful, they have been able to resolve some long standing issues, and the grandparent with congestive heart failure has been experiencing fewer heart spasms since listening to Hemi-Sync®.
  • H+ Off-Loading is a very versatile tape to “off load” just about anything. One forty-year old used it to help herself overcome a strong irritation with her husband’s behavior and to lose twenty pounds. It worked so well that three weeks later she started using it to stop drinking and then to stop smoking. She achieved all of these desired goals in six weeks. She said that the H+ tape helped her to overcome inertia and fear associated with these personal problems.
  • I have long been terrified of public speaking. A major event occurred when my pastor at church asked me to give the homily and to sing a favorite song of mine for the congregation. I used the H+ Speak-Up Function Command and was able to continue speaking smoothly, evenly, and easily. In the past, I wouldn’t have had the courage or the words to accomplish this.
  • Throughout my life I avoided public speaking at all costs. The few times I had to speak, my voice would either crack noticeably or disappear altogether. Hemi-Sync® helped me overcome this incapacitating fear in two ways. Musical meditation tapes enabled me to focus my attention on a lot of formerly unconscious material that was crippling me. I was eventually able to eliminate these self-defeating concepts. H+ Speak-Up helped me re-program myself mentally so that I was not only able to speak clearly and smoothly but could also relax enough to do so from an expanded level of awareness. Most important is that I began to enjoy speaking to groups.
  • Changes seem to be subtle and tend to come in waves since I have been listening to Hemi-Sync® tapes. I have noticed more emotional spontaneity. What I seem to be going through is a peeling away of encrusted patterns, some of which require that I view myself with a level of objectivity I haven’t had before. It is no longer impossible for me to ignore emotional messages and just swallow my anger. I must express it, and this comes as a big surprise to me. I am surprised at all the emotions which have been buried underneath encrusted patterns for years.
  • My relative found herself in yet another abusive relationship. During the last few days as the relationship was coming to an end, she would wake to find her cassette player unplugged. She had been listening to Deep 10 Relaxation before going to sleep for several months, and he evidently felt threatened by the changes in her. A subtle “alignment” seemed to be taking place within her, and she was becoming clearer about herself and her goals for the first time in many years.
  • Since I started listening to the Concentration tape, I’ve been able to focus better on tasks and follow through with them, instead of procrastinating. Paperwork, writing, and finishing a project on time have become easier for me. What a great feeling! This change helps to keep the days from just passing by, and that gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.
  • An orphanage in Romania was home for our daughter’s first 2 1/2 years. When we first saw her she was in a “cage,” penned up with other children who were never held, never bathed, only given bottles. In the five years since we adopted her, we’ve made the rounds of every possible treatment and facility from sensory training to neuropsychiatric wards. Her behavior constantly shifted between super passive and super aggressive and back again. After learning about Hemi-Sync® through a support group for parents of post-institutional children we bought Surf, Midsummer Night, and Remembrance and kept one of the tapes playing all the time. We saw immediate results and, over time, her behavior has evened out. It feels like a miracle.
  • A consulting firm for financial industries features Hemi-Sync® in a workshop on the psychology of successful trading in the stock and futures markets. With the help of Hemi-Sync®, traders learn mental techniques to monitor their thoughts to determine if they are in states that are most conducive to giving themselves money. Traders learn to use H-PLUS De-Hab to neutralize dysfunctional thoughts.
  • In addition to the effects produced by the low-frequency binaural beat stimulation, the high level of participation required–mental focus, personal choice, and willingness to use the Function Command–makes the H-PLUS system so effective in helping people create desired change. Interestingly, most people who take the workshop have had very little exposure to information or concepts related to self-awareness or learning to change oneself through directed conscious effort. Despite this, virtually everyone’s initial reaction to the H-PLUS tapes is overwhelmingly positive, regardless of how skeptical or uncomfortable they may have been at the first listening. It is clear that the tapes resonate with people at a very deep and fundamental level, regardless of whether they understand the dynamics at work.
  • I decided a long time ago that my distressing habit of procrastination was unbreakable. However I tried to counteract it, I continued to sabotage my life with postponing and delaying and avoiding things that were important for me to do. Then I heard about your De-Hab tape from a friend. The end of the story is that I’ve cleared up four months’ worth of mail. Thanks for this invaluable tool.
  • When I started a new job that was going to have me giving presentations to upwards of 300 people, I was terrified. I had never before had to face up to my old fear of public speaking. I started using the H+ Speak-Up tape while taking a presentations class that my company was giving. At that point it felt like a comfortable, helping hand, nothing dramatic. I did my first presentation to the class without collapsing in terror, but it was still VERY stressful. I continued listening to the tape, and then it was time for my second class presentation. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and my mind said, “Tilt!” I began to repeat the Function Command over and over mentally. I felt a physical sensation in my brain that I could identify as the source of the fear. I mentally grabbed it with my “hand” and threw it out. Serenity. All systems returned to normal. I did my presentation with just a trace of nervousness, but it was very manageable.
  • I have always experienced a lag in my energy level in the afternoon. There’s been a big change in this since I began using the Recharge tape to give myself a boost whenever I need to. My late afternoon productivity is much better than it used to be.
  • I am the type of person who likes to “ease” into the morning. That sometimes causes a struggle since I also have to be at work on time! Listening to Remembrance while I get ready for work has helped me to become more focused and prepared for the day ahead, and I no longer need that caffeine jolt to get moving.
  • I heard my colleague in the next office grumbling about the amount of paperwork to be done. I offered my cassette player and the Remembrance tape to see if it would make a difference. After about 45 minutes, I heard her exclaiming, but with more energy. She returned the player with the comment, “Better take this back. I began feeling more energetic, and actually found myself looking for more to do!”
  • I’ve been listening to the Concentration tape for a few weeks, and find I am able to focus more on tasks and follow through with them. These have included paperwork, writing an important letter and having the words flow, and finishing a project that has been dragging on for months. What a great feeling! It gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.
  • The Think Fast function works more subtly than some of the other H+ functions. Using it is like giving extra spin to a wheel that is already spinning. I notice that I think now in a more organized way.
  • The counselor loaned Cloudscapes and Remembrance to a mother and daughter whose prolonged difficulties included the child’s lying, stealing, bedtime tears, and other attention getting behavior. At their next appointment, two weeks later, the mother returned the tapes, saying “They didn’t do any good.” To the therapist’s questions about the previously reported problems Mom responded that the crying, lying and stealing had stopped; her daughter had no problems at bedtime and was sleeping through the night. Midway through this litany the mother began to smile and said, “Oh, I see what you mean.” Several months passed before there was a repetition of complaints about the child’s behavior. After the counselor’s probing uncovered that they’d discontinued the tapes for several weeks, Portraits for sleep and Remembrance for starting out each morning were recommended. Things smoothed out within a week after tape use resumed.
  • The first time I listened to De-Hab it felt as if I were floating, gently swaying back and forth, like on a water bed. I felt tranquil, peaceful, and more relaxed than I have been in several years. After listening four times the happiness, peace and relaxation is even deeper. I find myself more assertive, and yet even more in harmony with those around me. Also, my smoking habit is way down.
  • I’ve been listening to the Concentration tape for a few weeks, and find I am able to focus more on tasks and follow through with them. These have included paperwork, writing an important letter and having the words flow, and finishing a project that has been dragging on for months. What a great feeling! It gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.