Testimonials – Autism

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • “The tapes I’ve selected tend to calm even the most agitated child with Autism.”
    – Caryn Coyle, Lansing, MI
  • The two-year-old had limited eye contact, disliked touch, engaged in rocking and flapping his hands, was either fussy and irritable, or withdrawn into his internal world. After his first listening to a relaxed Metamusic® tape, he accepted touch, initiated eye contact and smiling, and appeared to be calm and peaceful.
  • The results of introducing Hemi-Sync® to children in a special education setting were incredible. Hemi-Sync® seemed to stimulate cortical integration and whole-brain learning. One autistic child was able to sleep at night for the first time, with the Surf tape, which also improved the ability of an emotionally-impaired six-year-old to relate interpersonally.
  • As the years have passed, many of my earlier problems with Autism are gone, but it manifests in different ways now. I am often anxious and compulsive, feeling the need to check the doorknob or stove several times to make sure they are OK. I also had trouble sleeping. While at a local Autism Society meeting, I was introduced to Sleeping Through the Rain and Inner Journey. Since working with these tapes, my sleep is much better and I feel calmer, yet highly aware of everything during the day. I am more sensitive to sounds, am better able to solve problems, and come up with creative solutions. I also feel more optimistic, as though all things will really continue to work out for the best.
  • The combination of Brain: Support & Maintenance, Think Fast, Eight Great, Möbius West and Options has had a very powerful effect on the symptoms of my Autism. I am not picking at my fingers very much anymore and I am hardly making the tongue noises, either. I also use the Gateway Experience tapes. Hemi-Sync® is by no means a cure for Autism, but it may be a way to help the individual tap into his or her brain’s potential to facilitate growth and change, and so that treatments won’t be necessary.
  • The therapist’s videotape of a session with an autistic child illustrated dramatic change once Hemi-Sync® was introduced into the environment. Early on, the child shrunk back with extreme defensive reactions. Contact was intolerable. After some moments of listening to Metamusic the child visibly relaxed and focused, and reached out to give the therapist a hug.
  • My eight year old daughter was having a very hard time both at home and at school. In terms of her ability to deal with sensory stimuli, she tested at a four year old level, and was constantly interacting with her environment. It was exhausting for her and for us. Since we learned about Hemi-Sync® at an Autism Society Conference, we’ve been playing Surf and Remembrance for her during the day. The improvement is remarkable.
  • An orphanage in Romania was home for our daughter’s first 2½ years. When we first saw her she was in a “cage,” penned up with other children who were never held, never bathed, and only given bottles. In the five years since we adopted her, we’ve made the rounds of every possible treatment and facility from sensory training to neuropsychiatric wards. Her behavior constantly shifted between super passive and super aggressive and back again. After learning about Hemi-Sync® through a support group for parents of post-institutional children we bought Surf, Midsummer Night, and Remembrance and kept one of the tapes playing all the time. We saw immediate results and, over time, her behavior has evened out. It feels like a miracle.