Testimonials – Asthma

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • It’s been interesting to note how Hemi-Sync® helps families who have a child with asthma. Not only is an attack a scary event, but there’s often a tension connected to anticipation of the next attack that might indeed stimulate the next attack. I’ve recommended to several such families that they keep Hemi-Sync® playing at home day and night. Remembrance, Concentration during the day and any of the sleep tapes for nighttime use. This seems to have a cumulative effect over time, with the entire family calming down.
  • A physician reports that one patient who has asthma swears by H+ Lungs: Support and Maintenance.
  • A psychologist reports using Lungs: Support and Maintenance with five asthmatic children and adults with excellent success. For example, one woman had difficulty climbing a short flight of stairs and was using her inhaler approximately six times per day. Within three weeks she was swimming a third of a mile daily and using her inhaler only twice per week. This gain remained consistent over a one-year period.
  • I’ve had a very bad asthmatic condition for years. After a co-worker told me how much Lungs: Support and Maintenance had helped another asthma sufferer, I began to listen to it each night when I went home from the office. After a few times I could actually feel my lungs and chest opening up. When I feel tightness in my chest at night, I just use the function command and get immediate relief.
  • Asthma has been a problem for me during most of my life. Since working with Lungs: Support & Maintenance, the attacks have lessened in number, and severity has decreased whenever I use the verbal cue of the tape. I’ve also noticed a gigantic improvement in my overall health.