Testimonials – Alzheimer’s

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • It began with my playing Metamusic tapes for the nursing home patients I met with in their rooms. The nurses liked what they were hearing and borrowed tapes from me. The area around the nurses’ station was often noisy and hectic, crowded with anxious patients repeating demands that could not be satisfied. With Metamusic playing at the nurses’ station, the whole atmosphere changed, becoming a place of calm and relaxation.
  • The patient spent long hours roaming the nursing home corridors, confused and anxious, not knowing where her room was. At mealtime she wouldn’t stay at the table long enough to eat. The nurses were unable to get her to stay in one place. On one of her wanderings she fell, was badly bruised, and needed pain meds, though the nurses were reluctant to give her too much. I led her to her room and played Sleeping Through the Rain for her. She fell asleep, went to the dining room for dinner and ate a good meal. “The tape didn’t do a bit of good,” she complained to me. In the background, the nurse gave me a thumbs up sign.
  • My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, does not speak, and did not respond in any noticeable way to people who visited her. Since we started playing Metamusic tapes for her we seem able to read expressions on her face.
  • The Director of Clinical Services at an Alzheimer’s Institute recommends relaxing Metamusic tapes. Their Hemi-Sync® patterns designed to slow brain wave activity soothe patients, improves behavior, and occasionally even memory, as well.
  • The patient was constantly in motion: reaching out with her hands, picking at the arms of the chair, rocking from side to side, shaking her head. Within minutes after Cloudscapes began playing, the tight facial expression and pursed lips relaxed into a gentle smile, her tilted head indicated listening, and her hands remained at rest on the arms of the chair.
  • When my father got into his frequent agitated states, nothing seemed to calm him. Whatever we said to him, he responded with more agitation. It was very distressing. A friend who also has Alzheimer’s in her family loaned us some of her musical Hemi-Sync® tapes to try, and they have been life-savers. We keep Metamusic playing all day now, with the sound turned down very low. He’s much calmer and seems to sleep better, too. Hemi-Sync® is not a cure, but it sure helps.
  • Visiting with my aunt in the Alzheimer’s unit of the senior citizens’ facility was not my favorite thing to do. It was very troubling to witness occasional outbursts and other bizarre behavior from other patients. On my most recent visit I had been sitting with my aunt for almost an hour in the lounge with its usual number of patients when I realized how calm and peaceful everybody seemed today. I also became aware of soft music playing in the background. Before leaving after a very pleasant visit, I stopped at the nurses’ station to comment on the difference and the nurse told me about the tapes (Hemi-Sync®).
  • As mother’s condition continued to deteriorate, it was becoming harder and harder on my dad, who was taking care of her at home. She would become suddenly angry, and accuse him of outrageous things, lock the bathroom door and not come out for hours, and fight him when he tried to distract her from going outside by herself. He didn’t want to send her away but felt it was getting to be too much for him to handle, and he called the family together to talk about the situation. My brother and sister-in-law told us about how helpful Hemi-Sync® had been in evening out the behavior of their hyperactive son, and suggested that we try some of the tapes for mom. Nothing to lose, right? Dad kept the tapes playing all the time and found it much easier to manage things. Thanks to Hemi-Sync®, my parents had another six months together.