Testimonials – AIDS/HIV

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • H+ Lungs: Repair and Maintenance works well for people with AIDS-related pneumonia.
  • The following H+ tapes were found to be the most beneficial by participants in a support group for HIV Positive patients: Circulation, Reset, Restorative Sleep, Tune-Up, Lungs: Support and Maintenance, Off-Loading, and Let Go. Favorite Metamusic Artists selections for this group include Sleeping Through the Rain, Inner Journey, Cloudscapes, Transformation, and Prisms.
  • An HIV positive patient reports: “The H+ tapes work for me as a direct mind-to-body experience. All have something to offer, and I believe each person who uses them regularly will develop a combination that works best for him or her. Initially I used one or two tapes every day. Now I listen when I feel the need and don’t have a regular schedule. The tape I use and the time I use it is determined by my own sense.”
  • Hemi-Sync® tapes were part of an eight week (24-hour) seminar attended by eight HIV positive men. Among the results: all noted an overall improvement in sleep patterns; two with pain noted a total cessation of symptoms; two reported a substantial (200+) increase in T4 cell levels; all noted significant changes related to well-being and physical relaxation. There was a noticeable reduction of general anxiety and tension, increased permission to explore options for change, increase in commitment to improve the quality of their lives, increase in personal energy conveyed and enthusiasm expressed in body posture and general attitude.
  • Susan contracted the AIDS virus through a transfusion of contaminated blood during a routine surgical procedure five years ago. She is a person who has an open mind and helps herself, given the tools. She is using Immunizing, Imprint, Energy Walk, The Visit, and Focus 10, and tells that Hemi-Sync® gives her necessary support to make her able to continue leading a normal life.
  • The Positive Immunity Program is available as an album for home use that incorporates tapes from the Gateway Experience Waves I and II and selected H+ tapes. It is a coping tool for those struggling with this new way of living. It opens doors to transformation and can be used to help create a harmonious release from a body stricken with AIDS. It is a most vital tool for the journey of those facing life with AIDS.