Testimonials – ADHD/Hyperactivity

Information reported by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync® Products.

  • An investigation into the relevance of Hemi-Sync binaural beat signals for use with ADHD populations supported the conclusion that the audio signals facilitate the ability to attend and persevere at routine motor tasks and facilitate improved attention.
  • I played Cloudscapes for my grandson with ADD every night when he went to bed during the entire summer. When school started in the fall, teachers couldn’t believe how much his reading skills had improved. They assumed he had spent the summer reading (which he didn’t).
  • Our teenager has processing deficits and a short attention span. We’re not sure if it is ADD or the effects of institutionalization (she was adopted from an orphanage). “They work, these tapes are good,” she says, and she puts on a Hemi-Sync® tape to go to sleep with.
  • The 14-year-old with ADHD loved to listen to the Prep Side of any H+ tape, saying, “It calms me and helps me focus.” He browsed the Hemi-Sync® catalog to choose other tapes for himself, and selected Buy the Numbers. His math grades improved. The family started playing Remembrance in the car for him and his brother, and reported that it was very effective in keeping the friction down.
  • A psychiatrist called to report her great appreciation for Remembrance. “I’ve always been like a grasshopper in my personal life,” she said, “always jumping from one thing to another. This tape has an amazing effect in helping me sustain my attention.”
  • Some hyperactive children have a range of socially unacceptable habits and behaviors. To build rapport with these clients as quickly as possible, we suggest trying some relaxation to help them feel more comfortable. This is where Hemi-Sync® comes in. Hemi-Sync® with music or surf is played while we use guided imagery (i.e., a walk on the beach, etc.) to produce a relaxed state that then enables us to reach the clients on a subconscious level to make the fastest changes. When dealing with hyperactive children, this is the most effective way I have found to calm them and gain their attention.
  • The Director of the International Biomedical Center in the Netherlands reports on a study that combined amino acid therapy with Hemi-Sync® tapes for children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The children, aged from five to thirteen years, all had attention and learning disorders accompanied by hyperactivity. During their treatment they received amino acid supplementation in combination with vitamin B6 and with restriction of refined carbohydrate consumption. The findings, which were confirmed by standard psychological tests, showed patients to be less tired and hyperactive at school and at home. Behavior usually improved within two to three weeks.
  • When Hemi-Sync tapes were first recommended for my hyperactive son, I was extremely skeptical. In desperation, I finally decided to try, and I can now say that Hemi-Sync® dramatically improved my son’s life. Right away I noticed the calming effect while the tape was playing. Even better: my son can now usually recreate that calm state whenever he chooses to do so. It’s as if his brain learned how to experience calmness while he listened to the tape, and now he can move into that mental state by himself.
  • I recommend your tapes for the treatment of ADHD as well as for dealing with the emotional problems that are a result of the ADHD effect. We use De-Hab to return some useful self-esteem to the patient and to remove those thought programs which have highlighted their apparent mental ineptitude. Watching the twisted, angry face of a past ADHD child turn into a sunny smiling face has a value beyond description.
  • My ADHD kid started out listening to Remembrance daily, and now plays it voluntarily on his own once or twice a week. He seems to be happier at home – much less angry.
  • A psychologist reports excellent results from using Super Sleep for children with learning disabilities and/or attention deficits. With Super Sleep playing all night, parents and teachers observe better concentration and less irritability during the day.
  • Hemi-Sync is an excellent example of the sensory integrative process of the brain. Two independent auditory signals are integrated in a way that produces a whole (i.e., Hemi-Sync®) which is different from each of the separate parts. Initial processing and integration occurs in the brain stem. In addition, the tendency toward synchronization of the right and left hemispheres appears to enhance attention, sensory and extrasensory awareness, and intuitive processing, and to increase successful adaptation to personal experiences.
  • Remembrance has made a big difference for our son, who has been diagnosed with ADD. He puts on earphones and sits drawing happily for the whole tape, something he could not have sustained before.
  • Since 1981 I have been using Hemi-Sync® with young children who experience sensory motor and sensory integrative disabilities. Both clinical experience and preliminary research indicate that the addition of Hemi-Sync® signals (containing frequencies which produce more theta patterns in the brain) to background music increases the child’s focus of attention, calms the emotions, and creates a mental set of open receptivity. Hemi-Sync® signals enhance the child’s ability to organize and integrate sensory information. This results in an increased ability to focus attention, to discriminate specific sensory properties, and to filter unwanted sensory input.
  • Homework time meant a daily struggle with my easily distracted seven-year-old until I introduced her to the Concentration tape. Now she goes into her room on her own, puts on either Concentration or Surf, and contentedly gets to work. I’m grateful for the improved grades, of course, and even more for the improved atmosphere.
  • A special education director reports: “Remembrance is very effective in facilitating enhanced attention for students of high school and college age. The tape is appropriate for use at home while during homework. A student with ADHD may also benefit from listening to the tape on a portable cassette player with headphones in a classroom setting. Youngsters with neurologic delays, problems with cortical function, and developmental lags may be helped by Hemi-Sync® tapes. The sleep tapes for children ease them into sleep comfortably and happily-a boon for parents. After listening to Hemi-Sync® over time, youngsters seem to develop a greater neurological capacity to integrate. It seems they no longer need the external stimulus of Hemi-Sync® to access certain brainwave states.”
  • A three-year-old boy I’d been treating in play therapy for several months had finally been asked to leave his daycare, because of his sporadic, violent behavior. In our regular session, after asking him if he’d like to hear some special music, I gave him headphones and played Remembrance. While listening, he became very calm, his eyes widened and he smiled vibrantly. He turned to his mother and said, “Listen, Mommy-it’s the angels!”
  • A fourteen-year-old client was in a foster home and having problems adjusting. She was always in motion during our sessions and had great difficulty focusing for more than a couple of minutes on any topic. Since she began using Hemi-Sync® tapes she is able to stay focused on the internal work we are doing with guided imagery. We have used Winds Over the World, Cloudscapes, Remembrance and Surf with wonderful results. She can be completely still and relaxed now, and does not need to constantly check on me or her surroundings.