Affiliate Program

Hemi-Sync® Affiliate Program

Increase your revenue by offering Hemi-Sync Brainwave CDs on your website – the original patented technology. Hemi-Sync binaural beat CDs can help people experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states.

Do your website visitors want to:
• tap into more of their brain’s innate abilities?
• enter deep meditative states reliably and easily?
• reduce stress?
• enhance creativity and become more productive?
• increase concentration and focus their attention when needed?
• experience deep, restorative sleep and refreshing catnaps?
• uncover their intuitive talents?

Then you can provide them with a great solution and earn revenue at the same time.

Why Join Hemi-Sync’s Affiliate Program?

• Earn 5% commission on all referred sales
• High conversion rate
• Average order size over $70
• 12 month return cookies
• Discount offers for your website visitors

Our Affiliate program utilizes ShareASale, a trusted third party affiliate management network. Once you sign-up for our program on ShareASale, you will be provided with special links and banners that you can place on your website. If a referred visitor clicks on your special link and makes a purchase, you will earn a 5% commission. You can track sales in real-time by logging into your account at ShareASale.

Becoming a Partner is Free & Easy
You can sign up for our program at ShareASale following the steps below:
1. Complete an online application.
2. Get link code from ShareASale’s interface or your welcome email.
3. Place link code on your site
4. Begin to track your traffic and earnings reports online in real-time.